What is the right way to do it all?

I have the Holo May DAC. I want to be able to upsample my music streams to DSD 512 and would want to use Roon’s DSP to do it. Here is what I have

  1. Subscription to Qobuz.
  2. Subscription to two 3rd party streaming sites that have android and iphone/ios/web browser apps.

I would like to be able

  1. Upsample qobuz to DSD 512, this i think is natively supported by Roon.
  2. Upsample to DSD 512 from the other two streaming services. And this is where I have not been able to find a definitive answer on how to do it with Roon?
    a. Can I stream from web browser to Roon?
    b. Can I stream from my Iphone directly to Roon and then have roon Upsample the signal?
    c. Can I use by Hiby R6 pro to stream to roon and have roon upsample the signal?

Let’s say I but smallgreencomputer I9 model, how would I stream the 3rd party streaming devices to the roon core? USB?

At this time only Qobuz and Tidal streaming services are supported by Roon.

Any way to stream from other services using external devices?

I think some members have been successful in getting Apple music into Roon but I have no experience with that.
Hopefully someone who has actually done so will chine in for you.

Have Roon control streaming services other than Tidal or Qobuz? I don’t believe so. Roon must be the central aggregation and control point for managing through its ecosystem.

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Tidal, Qobuz, and local files.

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It might be worth taking a look at Roon Entrypoints, a “collection of Roon extensions that act as an input to your Roon system”.

Ffmpeg which entrypoints uses only supports a fixed input rate, so it will already be upsampling everything to the rate you set the encoder to be it can’t switch based on source, so adding on Roons resampling on top of that isn’t asking for the best results.

People seem to have managed external sources into HQplayer but I imagine it’s by something similar but not read it as I dont use HQ Player. Search the forum and you will likely find the thread.

And here it is.


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