What is the trick with adding by url?

Trying to add live radio - for instance absolute 60s, 70s, and 80s.
When I copy the url from the website and paste it into the “add manually” box I get the dreaded “no station found at this url”.

With some stations it works and with others it doesn’t.

What is the trick?

Hello @George_Carlson , they are there
Absolute Radio 60s
Absolute Radio 70s
Absolute Radio 80s

but they are geo-restricted to GB. Is that the issue?

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Hi Brian, could you forward the links to me? I tried closing on what you sent, but there was no link.

Not sure if it is based on location but they all worked for me before


Here’s the actual URLs


As BrianW said these are already in Roon but are Geo restricted so anyone outside GB will not be able to use or see the Curated links in Roon “legally”. So use links at your own risk.

FYI - I am in Canada right now (usually in UK) and those links play without problem in my phone.

Yeah it’s weird cause I used to get it here in the states

Thankyou this worked

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