What is this 'i' Icon? [Ticket in]

Any idea what the little ‘i’ icon on album covers means?

Hi Dave,

Who is the original artist for that screen and are you able to play those albums?

Cheers, Greg

It is Emmylou Harris. The screen is from the ‘View All Appearances’ link from local library ‘Appearances’ section on the Artist Page. I am able to play all of them.

maybe i Tunes?

Don’t think so, as the albums are a mix of local files and Qobuz/Tidal albums that all reside in my Roon library.

It happens for any artist who has more than one line’s worth of appearances in your library when you view all.

Having said that, I have no idea what it means.

Wondering if it’s a bug or it actually means something. Anyone know how to tag support?

You can flag the support team directly by writing @support (as I’ve just done for you). Alternatively, if you had posted your question in the Support category of the forum, then it would have been seen by them, since they monitor all posts in that category.

Not for me.

Not always, or never?
Can you repeat the OP’s result?

Hey @Dajokr,

I had a chat with the team about this — This icon actually shouldn’t be showing here and we’ve opened up a ticket with our development team to remove it.

Thanks for the report!

No, I cannot repeat the OPs result. As in Never, using Artists which are not in my library, which are in my library and which have more than 1 row of appearances.

Strange, but the devs can worry about it now.

Extra Data points are good. Win 10 Pro Cores (tried it on 2 machines with different databases). Have both Qobuz and Tidal accounts.

  1. Emmylou Harris (not in library) does not show icon when clicking View All for Appearances
  2. Bruce Springsteen (in library) does not show icon when clicking View All for Appearances

Emmylou Harris (in Library) shows the ‘i’ icon with View All Appearances, but with different albums showing.

Bruce Springsteen (in Library) does NOT show the ‘i’ icon.
ROCK with Windows10 client.

Quite right, so,
I see it all the time.- as long as the artist has more than one line’s worth in my library. Expanding appearances for the non-library streaming part (Tidal for me) does not cause albums to have the icon.

Win10 Pro 32 bit. Core and remote.