What is up with Roon Radio? Why is it working so bad for me?


I like the application but I am having many problems with Roon Radio.

Just now it kept suggesting Pride by U2, 3 times in a row after I told it I did not want to listen to it …again… because I have just heard it a song ago already. Yesterday I heard a song (long version), and the next song it picked was the same song - but this time the short version.

I could unfortunately go on and on with these and most of these problems were amusing, but after months of using Roon they have become quite annoying. I cannot leave Roon Radio alone too long or it will mostly repeat stuff and/or choose unconnected songs. I have been trying to fill my own playlist fast enough before it chooses for me - but I assume avoiding the radio feature was not the point of the radio feature.

Is anyone having these problems with Roon Radio? Are there any hidden settings I can adjust to try and fix it on my PC?

By the way, Why not incorporate Tidal radio (and other 3rd party radios) into the app? I wish I could use it through Roon somehow.

Thanks for any help/info

Roon Radio is terrible. You are not alone. Apparently its AI, but its not very intelligent.


Literally the same songs in the same order after a seed
Absolutely no learning from skipped tracks, you’ll get it next time round whether you like it or not
First or second track from seed is always the same artist as the seed.
Nothing new, whatever genre you are in you will get more of the same from the same period of time.
Been this way a couple of years if not more, so obviously not a simple fix, or not a priority for a music discovery app.

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Hello and welcome to the forum. You will find more about this here:

It would be interesting to know how you guys set your Roon up?
Do you have an extensive library? (As in favorited albums from streaming services or local files)
Do you play albums or tracks/playlists and let Roon Radio take the rudder when finished or do you select a track/album tell it to “Start Roon Radio” or such?

Both I use Radio after an album finishes. It’s terrible at moment for repeats and the same songs played in different sessions seeded from a dofferny album group. It just gets stuck in a rut and won’t come out of it. It’s been like this for years now and is just very disheartening. Occasionally it gets better as I guess they have tweaked something but it invariably falls back to the same behaviour.

Thank you - I will do that

Thanks for the input people, I guess this is one of those things where I have to live with.

It is quite surprising and a shame that in an app that has so many high quality features - that this one seems to have been discarded as the one feature that the app will have simply for it to have one.

I mean, the UI is just great, Its easy and yet still powerful without hidden or any non-user-friendly menus. I also never had to check out anything from any manual or forum for anything yet, which is a sign for a great UI as far as I consider it. The audio quality is excellent (to my untrained ears) and the setup and driver/device support is flawless and easy to figure out. The whole Roon package covers everything I wish for and even then some… almost everything is in top shape in Roon - everything except the radio.

I hope I still get the message across that I really enjoy the app, and people made good decisions and did great work on this app, This is what makes this one lackluster but important feature stand out sourly in what is otherwise a straightforward 10/10 application. I want to use the radio most of the time so I just hope Roon Radio gets some of that good good lovin soon too… it seems to me to need it the most out of all the other main features I use.


Nice summary and it’s great that you still see value in it. Roonlabs has recently added many new much-requested but complex features that had been in development for a long time. The improvement pace in recent months was quite impressive. They have hinted at many more improvements being in the pipeline and expected for 2023.

I have no insight into Roonlabs but my feeling is that much is going on behind the scenes, but they are complex problems and simply taking time. With just introduced features largely out of the way, they might also be able to reallocate resources. I believe/hope they will eventually also improve Roon Radio and other long-standing pain areas.

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