What kind of audio system will Musk's Starship have?

I’ve seen a lot of press about this, but still haven’t heard what kind of audio system is being designed for the cabin. Will they have Roon on-board?

Does Musk have an audio company? Maybe one that is trying to vibrate the listener’s eardrums directly through some kind of ultrasonic manipulation?

With Neuralink, we can dispense with the rather old-fashioned technique of transmitting sound waves through air vibrations, and send the audio directly to the centers of the brain concerned with hearing.

Not sure, but I’ll bet you can hear Daltrey’s screams even in space.

I’m going to guess something lightweight. Those big amplifiers and floor standing speakers are probably out.

He is going to Mars.
Hardly a star.

Elevator music is appropriate, so lightweight ceiling loudspeaker thingies.

Surely a recognition of the first commercial passenger flight, i.e. the B&W Zeppelin. :wink:

Ah, something uplifting, you mean!

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Not sure about system but how about Starman by David Bowie?

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Nah … Life on Mars

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As the owner of a Tesla, I would imagine whatever it is will sound horrible. What a terrible audio system in both use and sound quality.