What means Audio USB in RoPieee when I use a HifiBerry Digi+ Pro?


My setup: Raspberry 3, Raspberry Display and a HifiBerry Digi+ Pro connected via coaxial to a Oppo BDP 105. All works fine :wink:
My question: In the RoPieee web setup I see a flag “Audio USB”. Is it also posible to use a USB port from the Raspberry to connect to the USB DAC from the Oppo and is this supported from the HifiBerry Digi+ Pro? I tried this but there is no signal



RoPieee supports USB Audio to connect to USB DAC’s. If you use a HAT for audio out (like you do), you still can choose tho have USB Audio enabled in parallel.

It should work, but you are required to enable your USB endpoint in Roon as well. It basically means you’ve got 2 zone’s running on your RoPieee: your Digi+ and USB out.

Hope this helps!

That was easy! Thanks.

Is the HififBerry Digi+ Pro needless when I use the USB port?

Yeah. It’s just another way of audio transport (in this case).
It just comes down to personal preference I guess.

USB of course has a little bit more capabilities (higher sample rates for example), so if you’re playing around with upsampling then it might suit you better.

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That said the issues with usb and lan connected concurrently on a rpi e are known and might cause issues at high bit rates