What music to play in a Peruvian restaurant in Ohio?

I have a sort of odd request. I’m writing a story about a couple having dinner in a high-end Peruvian restaurant in Ohio (Salar in Dayton). What sorts of background music might be playing in such a place?


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Seems like a place I’d like to try, based on the menu. I can imagine this in the background:


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I would expect to hear traditional Peruvian waltzer… “La Flor de la Canela” might be the most iconic traditional Peruvian song…

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If by Peruvian music you don’t mean music of the imperialist invaders, then here’s some aboriginal stuff -

Also, in the vicinity -

I suppose I mean the music I’d hear in a good French restaurant in Lima. Perhaps a place like Awicha.

I suppose I could call the restaurant and ask what they play.

That would be interesting to benchmark our guesses…

Do you speak Spanish or maybe Incan, or are you assuming that the staff speaks a foreign language, such as English. :laughing:

That would be Quechua…


You mean Awicha? I am sort of assuming someone on the staff speaks the world language, English, because the restaurant has a Web site in English. But I meant the one in Ohio. Though I suppose your caveat still holds. They may not speak West Coast. :slight_smile:

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Some pan flute stuff is the way to go. That’s what we heard in every stop there.

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Peruvian cuisine?

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I checked the menu. No cuy en croute on there.

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I have actually had that several times in Pasto, southern Colombia. Well prepared this is quite delicious…