What non-Linn Roon endpoint would suit a Linn household?

We need a player for a minor room and can’t justify the cost of a Linn Majik DSM (and would like something a bit better than a Sneaky DS). In more important rooms we have Klimax DS etc – but would like to spend less on minor rooms in order to invest more in the important rooms.

As we are driving everything from Roon now, we don’t need any other Linn-specific capability. Has anyone listened to some other streamers (eg Lumin?) and perhaps found one which has almost-Linn sound and a definitely-not-Linn price tag?

What is the Linn price tag? I am totally enamoured with the sound of my Auralic pieces, but they may be just as expensive.

The Majik DSM is £2495 and is overkill for this simple application. They have the Sekrit DS at £1200 but I think I want better sound than that.

I have not heard a Linn streamer but do have a Lumin D2 and am very happy with it. I had a home audition through a dealer to start with which might be one way of trying if out to see if it suits you?

Edit: Sorry, hadn’t realised that the Linn streamers are an all-in-one with amps, so Lumin D2 isn’t relevant. Maybe worth looking at Naim too?

Yep, looks like LInn and Auralic are operating at the same price level.

I use a Bluesound setup for my additional rooms, works well for me and cost effective

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I think this won’t be easy.

Linn have worked out their own integration of Roon with the Roon techies. You can use any Endpoint that is Roon Ready, but you cannot group it with the Linn to play the same audio in sync.

Perhaps it might work using something like an endpoint that features Linn’s Openhome rendering.
Openhome player or
Media Player
come to mind here.

Not tested.

Try a microRendu, that’ll allow various protocols. Bit puzzled that you discredit a Sekrit without listening to it, however then possibly a second hand dsm?

Are you after a DS, or a DSM?
There are some good used buys of both on eBay at the moment.