What really DID happen to Blood, Sweat & Tears?

Fascinating film finally tells ‘Shakespearean’ story of ‘what the hell happened’ to Blood, Sweat & Tears, an ‘early victim’ of rock ‘n’ roll cancel culture (yahoo.com)

This should be interesting.


Just watched the trailer. Wow.

I was too young, when this happened, to know that any of it was going on. Ready to watch it but it’s a limited run in theaters and nothing near me. When it streams, I’ll watch it for sure.


Wow! Way too long ago for me to have been aware, but I will definitely watch when I can. No showings I see near me this Summer…. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!


In my opinion, BS&T had one album and the band became something else when Al Kooper left. Unfortunate the name wasn’t changed. Clayton-Thomas steered the band toward pop.

Child is Father to the Man is one of the top albums of the 60’s, again IMO.

BS&T still exists, btw. But any original members? I don’t know.