What Roon could have done to save themselves some hassle with unsupported OS users

I only just mentioned to someone last night how I used to speak of the humility of the team, back when I was beta testing what was then Sooloos 2 and became Roon. I’ve seen little sign of that for some time. In fact, I’ve often seen what I perceive as arrogance now in responses to valid comment and criticism. I see it also from some users on this forum in response to comments from ‘less IT literate’ members. Some stand out more than others.

As someone who has no interest in computers, I spent many years teaching ‘professionally conscripted’ users of bespoke systems, who had no choice but to be in the room and do as they were told. Some were interested in learning and some were not. The important thing was to understand that computers were not the centre of these people’s lives. They interacted at the minimum level of competence to meet their needs. I am of the same level of interest and competence. Port forwarding and router settings mean nothing to me. The ‘victim blamers’ fail to understand that important fact and whoever prepared this launch failed to understand it. It would not have taken much to head off in advance the basic confusions of less competent users. The arrogance is in refusing to accept that. None of it has anything to do with what 2.0 and ARC are or do - no criticism of that is implied.


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I think that’s because it’s a product developed by “gearheads” in a company run by “gearheads.” And I don’t use the term “gearheads” to be disrespectful. I just think they don’t see how lost some people can be that can hardly spell PC.

I really believe Roon is just too complicated and computer intensive for some people (So is Audirvana). They may need to buy a radio and a record player. And, I mean no disrespect to them either. I put myself in that category. I struggled a while doing the manual port forwarding.

@rugby you miss the point as do all the enthusiastic fans here. The protocol is irrelevant. The issue is the presumption that ordinary customers paying serious money for an allegedly serious product will know this without being told. Doubtless it’s buried in the documentation somewhere but that is not an excuse for making assumptions.

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