What Roon could have done to save themselves some hassle with unsupported OS users

"We’re about to launch Roon 2.0. Unfortunately some older Roon Core OSs are unsupported, but that’s fine because you can continue to use Roon 1.8.

However!! Your Roon Remote apps will very likely auto-update which will render them inoperable with your core software.

Once this happens you will have plenty of work to do… You will either have to update your core operating system, which may cause problems with other apps you have installed on it, or you will have to manually install Roon 1.8 legacy and manually download Roon 1.8 Legacy remote control software on all your Remote control devices.

One way to avoid this would be to stop your remote control devices from auto-updating, which you need to do before we release the new Roon 2.0 software on 20th September 2022"

Yeah… maybe you should have done this Roon Devs…


Having watched the carnage unfold for many users, especially ROCK users for whom upgrading to 1.8 Legacy is quite an involved task…

Maybe Roon could have done this…

"We’re about to launch Roon 2.0. Unfortunately some older Roon Core OSs, Roon Rock installations, and PC/Mac platforms hosting Roon Remote are unsupported (Both your core and any PC’s/Macs that contain any Roon Remote software need to be supported in order to continue to use Roon 2.0 as you do currently with 1.8), but that’s fine because you can continue to use Roon 1.8, although, in order to offer continued support, this has now been replaced by Roon 1.8 Legacy.

Installation is simple. If you have “Automatically Install all updates” checked in your Roon software, your Roon core and any machines with Roon Remote will go ahead and install Roon 2.0 if it is supported by all your current Roon hardware (Core and Remotes), or Roon 1.8 Legacy if it is not.

For those updated to Roon 2.0, the updated remote apps have been uploaded to your vendor’s App stores.

For those updated to Roon 1.8 Legacy… you will have to simply go to your App Store and download the new Roon 1.8 Legacy app, which we’ve provided for you. If at some point you wish to enjoy Roon 2.0, all you will have to do is update your hardware to the new minimum requirements and you can then download Roon 2.0 to your core and remote controls.

Happy Rooning! "


Yep - was going to hold off on updating but whooops - iPad auto updated my Roon Remote so was forced to update core. Thank goodness I am on supported hardware :smiley:

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But, that isn’t down to Roon and it’s not their fault. You’ve enabled auto app update within the ecosystem of the device you’re using. Had that been turned off and you update your apps manually, this would’ve been avoided. Yes, it might of helped by Roon clarifying this in emails before hand as a precaution.


But no doubt they chose to unsubscribe from Roon emails. :smiley:


Software pop up would’ve been ideal I think, in this case.

Yep… that’s basically what I’m saying… If I’d known in an email beforehand, I would have turned off auto-updates on iOS.

There wasn’t an email warning users about this.


My IOS devices have stopped working, luckily my Amazon Fire Tablets haven’t updated yet and I’m frantically trying to work out how to stop them doing so because I just don’t have the time today to go through all the hassle that I will have to do… to keep Roon working in my house…

I will sort it when I get time… but… it’s annoying that it’s a race against time before it all stops working…!

I had exactly the same experience. Sorting it out now but didn’t need to happen.


Dammit!! While I was reading up on how to stop my Amazon Fire updating… (Couldn’t find anything in the Roon app itself to stop it)
This happened…!

Now I’m sat at home with a ton of work to do… no Roon…. And more work to do to sort it out…!

Time to dust off a CD or two…! :roll_eyes:

Hey Dan: you can control music from your Roon core if you have a monitor, keyboard, mouse connected. Not ideal. I first did that from my iMac core after auto updates on my 2 main remotes. Then I grabbed old iPad and iPhone and turned off auto update and fortunately they still had previous version. So using them for now.

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Jesus, if your software version is so important, then you should never ever update a single app, then auto update would have been turned off.

How do you think it is possible for Roon to alert every human that do things differently?

Even on friday an email thar something big is coming…


There is an iOS app “Roon Remote Legacy 1.8”. This is new in the app store. Maybe this is an solution for you, if you do not want (or can) to use Core 2.0.


Thanks, I know about that… I also have to update my core from 1.8 to 1.8 legacy… and… there is no 1.8 legacy app on the Amazon App Store yet, so… when Roon put V2.0 on there, my Fire HD was updated, with no way to stop it… and there is currently no legacy version I can replace it with…

Lots of hassle… when they could have just pushed out a minor update to 1.8 ahead of the 2.0 release… which allowed us to turn off auto-update.

Hey ho… I’ve been here before… just gotta suck it up and get on with it…

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Yeah… I didn’t get there in time for my iOS devices, and on my Amazon Fire HD… it’s impossible to turn off auto update, so I’m screwed there… and… there’s no Roon Legacy 1.8 app on the Amazon App Store at the moment…

It is what it is… :roll_eyes:

I’m not sure you’re understanding me @DPH

I didn’t update anything. It was an enforced update of my remotes… which on Amazon Fire HD I can’t turn off.

Now they won’t work with my core.

I can’t update my core because the OS on my core is no longer supported.

There’s a load of work involved to now get it all working again.

I’ll be happy to do all this work at a time I can set aside to to it, but until then… my system has been nobbled and doesn’t work… so… I’m a little bit peeved!

I’m sorry to cause you so much exasperation. That was never my intention.

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Hi all; just installed 1.8 Legacy build 1126. iMac 10,14 Mohave. Worked fine and 1.8 legacy app on remotes is connected. Ok for now it appears. May update core to Monterey soon so I can test Roon 2 but I’ll wait for a couple bug fix updates to Roon 2 before I do. Meanwhile I’m back to where I started from before the Roon 2 announcement.


Well may be… but other SW developpers have a different route to this. Each SW is just one out of many other on your devices, and some are better kept autoupdated.

Whenever a disruptive upgrade is on the way some have done it a smart way: The route is to launch a new remote app with a different name, therefore it does not autoupdate, the user needs to make a conscious choice to move towards the new setup/version.

Look for example at how 1password did they upgrade to version8 …

If the remote are forcing an update or a SW product forces you to change the setup for ALL the other apps you have, it’s kind of the tail wagging the dog …


That’s what I’m going to have to do. Unfortunately Roon haven’t uploaded 1.8 Legacy to Amazon App Store yet, so I’ll have to wait until that turns up as Fire HD is my main means of control.

Lots of faffing around… It’s a shame a core running 1.8 couldn’t just update to 1.8 legacy automatically if 2.0 wasn’t supported. Then all we’d have to do is download the legacy control app.

Hey ho…

You would have to be living on a different planet not to know Roon 2.0 was coming and it was a huge update. When your house is on fire and the firetrucks are outside, does someone need to text you that your house is on fire. Never allow automatic updates.