What Roon display is Robert Harley showing on The Absolute Sound?

Robert Harley included Roon as one of the five most significant product introductions at the Munich show:

But what is the display he is showing in the second picture? It’s in Discover…?

If you have not tried “Discover” yet in Roon, it is very cool. Click the three equal sign top left, then select Discover.

Indeed, it even says so in the screenshot at the top :smile: . Go to discover, scroll down and you get a similar view (with you own content of course).

Roon’s revenue model is interesting; users pay $119 per year or $499 for a lifetime. Alternately, server manufacturers can pay a one-time license and then bundle Roon into their product. A few of the companies partnering with Roon so far are Auralic, dCS, Meridian, and PS Audio. The era of every server-maker writing his own kludgy app may be over.

If you own one of these manufacturers’ products, does that mean you if you own one of those manufacturers’ DACs, there is something special available? Just a hope :slight_smile:emphasized text

Not quite yet, but there’s so much exciting news coming. Stay tuned!

But my trial is up tomorrow and if I purchase won’t I be SOL? :wink: