What router to buy?


Thinking of changing the router provided by my internetprovider. It seems slow and not so reliable.

I got 100/100 connection at the moment and got a Ethernet connection from the provided router to a zyxel 105xx switch.

From there I got Ethernet connections to a Roon Rock Core, Primare NP5 Endpoint and Sony TV (a lot of 4K and so on)

What would be a nice solution so I could replace the router and switch?

It is only for a small apartment and all the stuff is in the same room. Wifi is only there for the Roon remote and light internet browsing. I value stability and setup and forget.

I’d chose this.

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Was he speaking English? :anguished: Much of what he said flew over this novice’s head. :frowning:

I’ll soon be shopping for a new router as well, hence my interest in this thread. Like the OP, I value reliability and easy setup (for a complete novice in my case) and forget.

It looks like this model is sold out in the US. I did see a few online vendors selling it, but they wanted way above retail. I sure as heck not paying above retail, especially from a vendor I don’t recognize. :roll_eyes:

Any second best choices you would recommend for the OP (and me…I can start my own thread if it would be better)?

The market is full of products that could do a good job. I recommended from personal experience and use.

TP Link Omada product series are similar.

Depends on the level of ease or complexity.

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Here’s a long thread with recommendations from various users

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