What’s the point of Apple TV as Roon endpoint?

Yes and that is an app called TV:Remote which is not free.

For what? If you don’t have a phone you can’t use roon on Apple TV? :grin:

Controlling roon. I am willing to bet the proportion of people with a appleTV but without an iphone is vanishingly small.

You asked the point of ATV, as explained super useful in a bedroom system, where for instance I use mine. I have the roon app to show whats playing but I control roon with my phone.

If you only want to use apple tv, fair enough, fight on with the god awful remote they supply.

That is correct. It’s an extension and as such a contribution from a Roon user, not an official thing by Roon:

Still, it costs like 3.49 IIRC and it’s helpful for some people.

Alternatively, use Airplay to cast Mac/iPad screen to Apple TV (or Chromecast with Android or from the Chrome browser), which is free and better for actually controlling Roon. Or any browser on the TV for the Now Playing screen.

I adore the TV:Remote app, and if you have an Apple TV anywhere in the vicinity of your main speakers, you should spend a couple bucks and buy it. The app is a Roon Remote controller that has been stripped down and optimized for the ATV. Like any Roon Remote, you can control any zone, not just the ATV that’s running TV:Remote. I usually start playback with my phone to my diet Pi streamer, and then I pick up my Harmony remote and open the TV: Remote app. After a user-defined idle period, TV: Remote’s screen saver kicks on, and you have some options for what you want to see. I’m not a fan of Roon’s Chromecast implementation and instability with that hardware, but I love this! My TV:Remote just displays a high resolution album cover, artist/album text, but if I hit the back button to wake up the screensaver, I’ll see the Now Playing tab, which shows the artist photo and some other controls. In my basement home theater setup, I also have an Apple TV, but I don’t have a dedicated Roon endpoint. I use the TV:Remote app or my phone to send the stream to the Apple TV via airplay, and then I use the TV: Remote app to control it.

The other killer feature is that this makes the Harmony Remote integration extension totally redundant. Harmony controls the Apple TV natively, so no special config is required here.


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