What’s your opinion about .sjb purchasing a Ninja air-fryer?

  • Totally in f(l)avour
  • Are you mad?
  • Really don’t care
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Does it support Chromecast and Airplay 2??


Selling out to Ninja you mean


It ain’t a thing if it hasn’t the DSD native swing!

Woa! This thing really exists!

My dad has one and swears it is his best purchase ever :grin:

(He has bought a lot of Audio equipment in his time :grin:)


Plenty of reports on the web of air fryers catching fire so make sure you can easily pull the plug on the thing without burning yourself.:fire:

The kind that looks like a pressure cooker or the one that is like a toaster oven? We have one of each and use the toaster oven one much more frequently.

I’m totally in flavor.

10lb fire extinguisher kept in pantry.

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I have a ninja foodie. Its around 15 months old( i think)
Its transformed my culinary life.
As a baker, i do bake wonderful cakes and biccies. I bake a loaf in 15 minutes too.
The ninja foodie is outstanding.
Highly recommended.
I have no idea what an sjb is.

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sjb is short hand for the opening poster it’s his initials from his forum name of Sloop John B

Mines Roon Ready

During our house extension we had no kitchen for rather a long time. The wife treated herself to a twin bay Ninja air fryer (NAF). We managed with a microwave and the NAF to cook full meals and bashed out Sunday dinners in 40 mins. I think they are marvellous and not energy hungry like using oversized ovens.

@Sloop_John_B what have you cooked in it so far?

We have also made cakes in ours.

We = wife

Do you experience regular dropouts and memory leaks cooking your meals???

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My only issue is search…ing for ideas to cook.

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cakes, bread, shortbread, pizza, biscuits.
Ninja foodie are brilliant for baking.
Here in the UK most seem to use them for frozen chips(fries)
Baking is passé here now unless its just watching one of the endless baking shows on TV.
I actually use natural yoghurt in place of butter. I just use around 90g fat rather than around 250g.

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