What settings should I use for Tidal MQA Masters

I do not have the receiver plugged in to the PC. I do know that I was playing Sabbath through the System Output (my laptop). I wasn’t attempting to stream at that moment to the receiver.

Are you getting 24/96 MQA?

on my laptop? Yes, I believe so:

So, that is probably how it will sound if you build a RPi4 unless you are getting some sort of noise from your laptop.

no noise from the laptop. The only problem is that the laptop speakers are “poor” and I’d like to listen through my AVR.

Oh, sorry, I was thinking you had your receiver connected to the laptop. My mistake.

You should do the RPi4. If you don’t like it for some reason, you could sell it on eBay.

No worries. So I could connect my laptop to my receiver, don’t know which connection would be best, hdmi? At that point though, I’d be controlling Tidal through my laptop instead of Roon App on my phone/tablet and from what I understand the Tidal app would perform the same level of MQA unfold as the Roon app.

I looked into the Rpi4 and I admit I’m confused as to what it is exactly, where it plugs in, and what it does.

I was thinking you were just doing an experiment to test the Roon first unfold of MQA. I suggest you do the RPi4.

OK, I will try to explain the RPi4. You use your laptop or desktop to run the Roon core software. For best results, it should be connected to your rounter using ethernet, but some people have success with WIFI.

Next you connect the RPi4 to your network with ethernet or WIFI. Then, you go USB out from the RPi4 to USB in on your receiver. If your receiver does not have USB in, you would need a HAT for the RPi4 that gives you the output connections to match your receiver inputs.

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Thanks. I’ll look into that. I assume there has been a lot of discussion here about it where I can understand what it is and what it does and how to use it. I admit that I’m not very tech savvy and just looking at the product with its circuit board gives me pause

Thank you. That isn’t so complicated. The USB out questions came up earlier in this thread. I have a USB in on the front but I’m not sure that would work, I believe it is simply for file storage.

You stick the RPi4 in the case and insert the micro SD card and insert 4 screws. It takes 5 minutes. If you need the HAT, then you need a different case from what I posted. The only issue might be finding a HAT for the RPi4 that gives you the proper connections to match your receiver. That’s why I suggested you read your owners manual to fully understand the capabilities of your receiver and the various inputs.

Yes, the Tidal app will do the first unfold if you prefer to use it and not use Roon. You will have to control the Tidal app from the laptop where it is loaded and running.

However, if you use Roon, you can control it from your laptop, iPhone, iPad, or Android device. The laptop runs the core. The RPi4 connected to your receiver is the end-point. The iPhone (or whatever) is the control device. You can control Roon from the laptop or any of these other devices as long as everything is connected to your network.

It is for storage only.

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