What size SSD do you use for your Nucleus?

1TB can handle 2000 wav file albums, 500 MB per album.

So for someone mostly streaming It seems 1 TB makes sense. Although 2 TB leaves room for growth.

Well, until you change formats. Hi res takes more space so does DSD. My Peter Gabriel 24/96 WAV files are about 1.5 GB per album for example. I also have the same in DSD. So, just the first three Gabriel albums (1 in each format, so 6 total) take up about 11 GB.

Keep in mind, drives are not really the full 1 TB, they are less. I always recommend leaving ~10% free on SSDs. So, my 1 TB samsung SSD formatted is 930 GB; less 10% around 840 GB of usable space. So, around 1600 albums for your example. 835 albums for me in real life application.

I put a 1 TB SSD in my Nucleus. I have 4 albums.

I’d be glad to take that extra 1.98 TB your not using :slight_smile:

I’ve got a 2TB SSD internal to my NUC.

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I actually had a few other albums I had purchased and downloaded from Amazon or iTunes, but when I found them in Tidal and Qobuz and at higher resolutions, I deleted my files from Roon. I still have them on my laptop music folder if I ever need them.

Good deal, I am new to Qobuz and Tidal, and am starting to understand what you mean, I probably Stream more new music than local, try before you buy so to speak, then when I’m tired of it just delete it.

I’m a JRiver Fan, so all my music is initially loaded into JRiver, then I copy the files over to my Roon NUC. JRiver can stream music anywhere, my car, Hawaii if I ever get there, anywhere via Cellular or Internet.

I also convert my music to compressed FLAC and put copies on my phone, which has a 500GB card, I can fit a ton of compressed music on it, so even without a connection, I always have good music.

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I have a 4TB SSD in my Nucleus. With 2817 albums from CD, SACD, and hi-res downloads, it’s at 49% free space. SACD and hi-res downloads eat up space fast. Fortunately I get most of my new music via Qobuz now, so the free space on the SSD has been holding relatively steady for quite a while.

Yes, they do. Especially, if you have multi-channel SACDs. So, I rip the stereo channel first, then the multi-channel. The two rips together can easily get to 5-7 GB for the 1 album.