What size SSD do you use for your Nucleus?

I’d be glad to take that extra 1.98 TB your not using :slight_smile:

I’ve got a 2TB SSD internal to my NUC.

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I actually had a few other albums I had purchased and downloaded from Amazon or iTunes, but when I found them in Tidal and Qobuz and at higher resolutions, I deleted my files from Roon. I still have them on my laptop music folder if I ever need them.

Good deal, I am new to Qobuz and Tidal, and am starting to understand what you mean, I probably Stream more new music than local, try before you buy so to speak, then when I’m tired of it just delete it.

I’m a JRiver Fan, so all my music is initially loaded into JRiver, then I copy the files over to my Roon NUC. JRiver can stream music anywhere, my car, Hawaii if I ever get there, anywhere via Cellular or Internet.

I also convert my music to compressed FLAC and put copies on my phone, which has a 500GB card, I can fit a ton of compressed music on it, so even without a connection, I always have good music.

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I have a 4TB SSD in my Nucleus. With 2817 albums from CD, SACD, and hi-res downloads, it’s at 49% free space. SACD and hi-res downloads eat up space fast. Fortunately I get most of my new music via Qobuz now, so the free space on the SSD has been holding relatively steady for quite a while.

Yes, they do. Especially, if you have multi-channel SACDs. So, I rip the stereo channel first, then the multi-channel. The two rips together can easily get to 5-7 GB for the 1 album.

4TB in mine. This week I will be adding to my library, bringing my collection to just north of 3TB. So far, so good!

2Tb SSD in NUC Roon Core. About 1/2 full so far.

Thankfully, the 4TB SSD has dropped in price, as this is what I am gonna slap into my Nucleus+ as soon as funds allow. My current external HDD music library is at 2TB, and I do not plan to stop purchasing music.

I think it took 15 years to get to 2TB consisting of 6,426 albums with plenty of them containing multiple versions of the same album. To double that will take me quite a while, so 4TB will future proof me for at least ten more years.

Assuming you don’t change your format of choice and do not go multi-channel. A multi-channel high rate DSD album can be up to 8 gb per album. At that rate, the extra 2 TB would only net you 250 to 350 albums.

Thanks for the number crunching, Daniel. I have already taken formats into consideration. I use DSD (stereo and multichannel), ALAC (stereo), and FLAC (PCM multichannel), but since I am pretty familiar with my spending habits, my ten-year outlook holds. Thanks again!

Just received and successfully migrated to a new Nucleus Plus. I self installed a new Samsung 8TB SSD. Once migration was completed I have about 50% capacity remaining free.

Pretty happy right now… it’s very spacious in here :slight_smile:

Where may I ask did you get it. I’ve been searching for awhile. I have found an 8tb QVO which is currently unavailable but the 8tb EVO is no where to be found.

Oh it’s the 8TB QVO… got it on Amazon but should be widely available at this point. Although strangely it seems like the price might have ticked up a bit since I got it.

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QVO 8TB is on Amazon now for $859. There is no 8TB EVO at this point.

I have about 75K tracks in a 4TB SSD in my Nucleus+ and have about 1.4TBs left. About the time I need more than 4TBs, the 8TB SSDs will be very inexpensive :slight_smile:

Why do you think you need the EVO version? The QVO version is absolutely acceptable for music storage (almost 100% Read-Only) and makes more sense both for the wallet and usage.

Was told by forum members to stay away from QVO until the COO of Roon stated it’s absolutely fine. Although $900 is pricey it probably makes sense.

Thank you
I’m waiting for the Samsung QVO 8TB to become available again

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