What software has this forum built with?

I’m pretty fresh here, but I’m starting to love this forum. Can someone tell me which software is used to develop and operate this forum? Is that something Roon Labs developed in-house?


Cool, Thanks Jim. Good to know.

I don’t suppose there’s any chance Roonlabs could enable RSS - the demo forum on discourse.org has it .


Great Idea, Me To :wink:

What are real RSS-heads using these days as an aggregator / reader? I gave up when Google got out. But I have a habit of giving up on tech out of annoyance and later going back. Thanks.

I’m using Tiny-Tiny-RSS (http://tt-rss.org) which I like, although it’s probably not for most, I did a couple of years of unix dev about 30 years ago so I’m semi-comfortable with the linux command-line. There are others out there, but I haven’t seriously looked in several years. The 5 best RSS reader apps in 2021 (zapier.com) seems like a good list. I find it interesting that Microsoft (and Google) are still somewhat supporting RSS - Microsoft Edge to revive a classic feature RSS feeds on Windows (windowslatest.com)

Do not worry, most browsers allow to install RSS addons. At least with Mozilla, I’ve already used something like that.

I use the Feedbro extension for Microsoft Edge.

I use RSS feeds daily to keep abreast of things to the extent that I’ve just stopped my Pro subscription to Flickr (been a member since 2004) because they’ve stopped using RSS for their activity feed.

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