What storage for music with Nucleus?

       I purchased a Roon Nucleus today.  I did not buy it with internal memory.  I have 4TB's of music stored on an old Sooloos control 15 and Twin store.  I would like to transfer this music to a data storage device that can be accessed by the Roon Nucleus. I would like to have an automated back up system so having a system that does that would be great too.   Is it better to use a DAS and connect directly to the nucleus with a USB cord, or, should I use a NAS and access the information through my network across ethernet cable?  Also, what is an appropriate brand/model that you would recommend I pair with my Nucleus.  For example a QNAP TS-453D-8G 4 bay NAS.  Is this overkill and/or is this a compatible with using the Nucleus? 

I would appreciate any help to help me choose the right storage device. I would like to buy the storage device as soon as possible so I can begin using my Roon. Thank you.

An internal SSD is definitely the way to go. It’s fast, silent and fits perfectly inside the Nucleus:

I have the 4TB version of this SSD inside my Nucleus, and it works perfectly.


SSD is also my choice (silent, fast).

QLC SSDs are less expensive for the same capacity as other technologies, but have a shorter lifespan when used intensively.

Storing music does very little writing (and the roon database is on the other SSD) - so the profile fits really well with QLC.

As the expert says here SSD drive for Nucleus+ - #17 by danny

Like @Martin_Kelly I’ve gone for a 4TB Samsung QVO.

BTW Samsung replaced a previous SSD for me when it failed 4.5 years into a 5 year warranty with no fuss at all!


You pose the question as a choice between a DAS (a USB drive attached to the Nucleus) or a NAS to hold your music files.

As has been said, locally-attached storage, whether an internal SSD/HDD or a USB drive is better than a NAS as far as the Nucleus is concerned.

However, you also raised the point about requiring backup for the music files. In which case you should probably think about both: a locally-attached storage to hold the music files and a NAS or an additional drive to hold a backup of your music files.

Personally, I have taken the approach to have a 4TB USB drive that I connect to my PC and take a backup (over the network) of the music files held in my ROCK/NUC (my DIY Nucleus). I then store the drive off-site in case of disaster.

Note that at this stage of development, Roon or the Nucleus do not have a function built-in for making backups of your music files, so a third-party backup application is needed.


In case it’s helpful - I keep my master music store on a Mac ssd, and then sync it with the Rock SSD ( I use goodsync).

I can then use time machine to manage multiple onsite and offsite Mac backups for my music files.

I also have ROCK back up it’s database onto a remote Mac server.

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