What tablets work best?

I picked up a Lenovo m10pro with 2GB memory. It’s honestly not half bad especially since I picked it up for Best buy open box priced at $110. When I’m wondering is if the 10x16 aspect ratio is a problem are there other tablets that I would benefit better from and has anyone tried multiple tablets to see if there is a different user experience? I’m wondering if the actual power of the tablet really matters or not and how much memory usage really matters has anyone tried any of the Samsung tablets or do you have any recommendations for tablets in general I’d rather avoid the iPad pro series due to cost.

A lot of folk swear by the iPad Pro. I have one but will happily use my phone rather than climb a flight of stairs and I’m not particularly lazy. It depends on you a little. Most devices work fine as a remote, tablets win out if you want to explore and read while listening. I like my partners standard iPad which is a good size/weight to screen device.

A Kindle fire might be interesting if funds are tight. I’m not sure device horsepower matters much. It’s not something I’ve noticed but none of the remotes I own are particularly underpowered. A £500+ tablet is a lot of money for a remote and I’d go cheaper if that was my main use case. The Lenovo sounds as if it might be fine.

Yeah, many people talk about the Fire10. I don’t have one, so no real input here - I’ve always avoided because I like my paperwhite and don’t want to get sucked into anything other than good old books on a thing called a kindle. But they are cheap at Xmas.

Tablets and phones are remotes so no processing done on them. they just need to be OpenGL 3.0 compliant and have a good screen resolution. I"m using a Tab S2 that is years old and works like a champ.


Sorry, you mean remotes, not endpoints, right? (Not trying to be a pain, but I got confused with the definition of library yesterday; terminology blech)

Yes, thanks, getting late here. Although, to be honest, even if you used one as an endpoint it is doing next to no processing. Roon is built so that remote and endpoint are very light with the core doing all the heavy work.

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I have a Lenovo P10 and it works really nicely with Roon. Also have a Samsung Tab S7 Plus. Despite the enormous difference in price and performance between the two tablets, the Roon remote experience is no different.

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Hi Chance…
I have been running my setup with a SS Galaxy Tab S6 as a Roon remote for my system off of an 2019 iMac as Core… no issues so far…

I sure liked my iPad Air as a remote…until I cracked the screen. I started using a Kindle I had laying around, but it was a less than thrilling experience and ended up just using my laptop if I need to do any editing/manipulating and use my phone as a remote… until it crashes. It crashes on average once a day. It makes me miss my iPad, but I am so wrapped up in buying music, my discretionary spending is all used up. One of these days I will get another iPad though.

I know what you mean , the iPad Pro is expensive but the WOWWWW factor is worth it . A it will never leave the house i got the 128 WiFi only version

That said it was my 70th. Birthday :gift:


I was wondering if the wifi issues some people have with roon remote control are across all tablets …or is it primarily an iOS issue ?

Yeah it’s a beauty , be careful with it :grinning: I had mine for 2 weeks when I knocked it off my office desk, and cracked the screen . It’s still working as the crack is small and only visible in one corner. I was close to tears :grinning:
It’s a fantastic screen , enjoy your birthday present

I had a 13 in Sony Viao which I used for ages it met the same fate but unrecoverable hence the new iPad

That sounds like an excuse to me :grinning::grinning:
You don’t have to justify your extravagant purchase on here …just enjoy it :grinning:

I had to find something significant for such a milestone birthday after lockdown scuppered my South American holiday :joy:

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I am using an iPad mini as my main controller. I also have a standard size iPad in use. I prefer the mini. It has enough screen real estate and is small, light and easy to handle.

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I have and use the several different tablets as Roon Remotes. They all work about the same. All of them can also be used as a Roon endpoint, meaning that they can all play music streamed from Roon and since all of them have Bluetooth they can send the audio to a Bluetooth speaker or headphones.

Tablets that I use:

An original iPad Air, a new 4th generation iPad Air, a Fire HD 10 and a Fire HD 8 (I use the HD 8 mostly as a “now playing” display sitting on top of my audio rack).

Since, as I stated above, all the tablets function the same when using the Roon Remote app, I would highly recommend the inexpensive Fire HD tablets and if one needs or likes a larger screen then the Fire HD 10 is the way to go. But if you’re an Apple kind of person by all means go with any one of the various iPads available.

So for an update here I went with the new Windows Surface Go2. Reduced bezels from the first one. I had the first one and gave it to my mother because it was so underpowered it was annoying to use it for anything. I had the Lenovo m10 plus but even using the Chrome web browser made it sluggish so I guess that’s why it was only $110 open box at best buy. The Surface Go2 was very underwhelming at first until I started to dig through the net a little and find out how to set it up how I wanted it. It was laggy and not working well and I couldn’t figure out why. I didn’t realize that Roon just didn’t want to work well until it had everything setup. My server has 16GB memory and a Ryzen 3400G which is a 4 core (8 thread) cpu. I figured that would be plenty of horsepower but it still found ways to choke for a bit. I never knew it was the server at first as it seemed responsive. I can tell you today that outside of the “Loading” icon it’s a great experience. The tablet works lag free and responsive. Had an issue with the keyboard I resolved by changing the keyboard used. This tablet was $399 and because it’s full windows can do the portrait mode. Very pleased with it. Going to keep tinkering it to see if adjusting the screen zoom or whatever it is function makes it better or not but I really do like it very much and would highly recommend it to anyone looking. The base model has 4GB memory and for what I’m doing it seems plenty.