What to do when the right album version is unavailable

I am a brand new Roon user and love the interface, but I’m having troubles with the identification of albums. Many of the albums I try to identify will have multiple versions (which is great), but none of them match the album I have.

For example, I have a special edition version of Jamie Cullum’s TwentySomething (or Twenty Something). Every version listed in the Roon results contains tracks that are not on the Australian Special Edition release. I assume this is a case of a local release being different from releases in larger markets.

My concern is that in order to enjoy the additional information Roon provides such as high quality album art and all the tagging and searchable metadata, I need to select an album that Roon recognises. Are there any issues with choosing the nearest match (i.e. least number of missing / different tracks) and adding a row or two for locally unique tracks?

Ideally, users would be able to choose the album that most closely matches their copy, but could also specify a different version and update the track listings accordingly. The new version metadata could then be shared with the broader Roon community to make the metadata more complete over time.