What will Roon 2.x look like?

Danny mentioned Roon 1.2 builds which I am guessing are in the reasonably near future.

It led me to consider what kind of a change might lead the Roon devs to announce Roon 2.x and I thought I should open a wild-eyed speculative thread to discuss this vital issue.

Given the substantial changes that have been accommodated within the Roon 1.x structure (new database, new audio stack, HQP integration, Squeezebox, RoonSpeakers, etc etc) I’m thinking it will have to be pretty wild and wayout for them to number it Roon 2.x.

Here’s a modest suggestion:

"Roon 2.x supports the recently released Intel/Apple/Google/Facebook/NSA collaboration Quan-Tum-Tum chip which applies multiple universe physics to calculate the probabilities of what versions of you in alternate universes would play at any given time in any given situation, inserts such music in the queue for playback, scrobbles it to Last.fm and sends a social media update to all friends advising accordingly (two updates for enemies). Subscription fees for music services you haven’t actually subscribed to in this universe are paid by versions of you in other universes least likely to notice.

Should actual user intervention ever be required the UI can be accessed through your home based immersive VR software in various ways, including albums as jungle pools linked by metadata waterslides with mud reflecting production values."

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Lol. Sounds good, but no social media updates please!

Full metadata editing capabilities, full album art and liner notes integration and better album organisation on the artists pages would maybe warrant a Roon 2.x :smiley: :wink:

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And a SingAlongaMax function would appear to be requirement.

Holograms of The Polyphonic Spree performing every selection.