What's coming in Roon OS 2.0 (not Roon 2.0, but Roon OS 2.0)?

That’s the crux of it I think.

Actually you have just reminded me that the last couple of albums I have purchased haven’t been added to my back up folder :smile:

Above, as I am curious on the effects on my Nucleus with different processing.

Also, Roon OS (on my Nucleus) has been completely trouble free experience.
It truly is appliance like … I think Roon OS is great.
Please keep it stable, while not a “new” feature request, my thoughts is that its greatest feature is stability.

Dear Tekl, I have cables between the router, my NUC/Rock and a nice hifi-set in my living-room. If I prefer to enjoy music, I sit in the middle of my Dirac calibrated couch and use my iPad Pro for the rich Roon functions (like reading song lyrics)
…but in the corner of the same living-room I sit at my desk and work with an ubuntu-box with 5G and Linux Roon endpoint. After my Ubuntu 20.10 upgrade Roon no longer will connect to the (still visible) HDMI end-points, it only connects to the ALSA end-point in my Blue-Yeti webconference microphone. I connect a small KEF muo (mono) to this yeti and - do not tell it to the hifi police, I think it is the Sonos-man in me - I am very happy with that: despite all these ugly extra cables the Kef Muo sounds very nice and during work I can immediately control the sound-level with the button on the Yeti when I get a call …and I can still stay in my Roon/TIdal/library domain: when I hear - during work - nice music, I can add it to my library and decide to re-listen it in hifi on the couch later…

It’s about “workflow”. I don’t know of another music focused ecosystem that has included a file management workflow. It’s always been left to the user to figure out their own workflow. If you look at other industries that software supports a very rich workflow of import, work, backup, DB management, restore, etc. But not in this industry. Roon could lead here.

I’d like to see direct Qobuz purchase import but why stop there. Why not connect to all the DL stores and do direct import? Then the store becomes one of my restore points.

I’d like to see a one-button back-up, sync, restore of all storage/music folders. Point at my NAS, point at a cloud storage provider (AWS, Azure, Google, Roon’s own, etc.).

I’d like to see DB versioning so I can pick a restore point other than “current”.

There are a lot of “workflow” things I’d like to see. Roon needs to decide if they want to dictate that flow or leave it up to the individual user. For a lot of users, designing and using such a workflow just won’t happen. It’s complicated. But those users would happily welcome something embedded in the ecosystem.


I like that idea a lot and have mentioned it many times. Would love to see it one day!

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Thanks. I was not aware of this. But that was 2015

Yes, that was an old mention. However, I was just noting to @ipeverywhere that it had been mentioned previously.

I don’t want Roon to be a store or be full of ads, at all!!! But I guess there could be a deal struck with qobuz (if you happen to use it) that Roon handles your downloads and purchases. I’d like the idea.
It could be a small „purchase“ button next to „add to the library“ button. Somewhere hidden in the menue

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+1 on the logging. My network turned out to have a rogue Pi spamming out packets. But for ages I was looking at Roon core <===> bridge, when that wasn’t the problem at all.

Function to copy/backup internal Music drive to USB drive via ROCK UI

It would be great if there was a function of the ROCK UI that allowed you to copy the contents of the internal music drive to an external USB drive.

At the moment I have to use another computer to copy the files from the internal drive to a USB drive.

It would be awesome to just plug in a drive and click a button (and pick the right drive) on the ROCK UI (via phone or tablet) to copy the files.


I agree with this. I have 2 sub-folders under the internal storage called “Ripped” and “Purchased”, it would be some much easier to have these as 2 separate watched folders, as a simple focus operation could filter, for example, just the CDs I have ripped, (and, in fact, own)!

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There is - select the files, export. I’ve found it to be unstable to the point of being unusable, but YMMV.

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That’s via Roon itself, not via Rock. And it doesn’t just do a straight copy of files from one disk to another. It does a full export with metadata, etc. I am just after a quick and convenient way to directly do a straight copy from one disk to another via the Rock UI (not Roon UI) without needing another computer to do the copying.


I have the same ambition, but ultimately i always defer to using a Windows computer (and Robocopy) in the end, much simpler, optimal control and efficient as anything.

At least for uploading. However, there should be a “backup” button to simply sync your media from internal drive to designated externa USB-drive.

An additional feature that I think still keeps it as an appliance is local music fie backup. It would be great to attach a 2nd drive every once in a while, have it back up and then I can store it elsewhere in case of a physical problem. It might also be nice to be able to have a 2nd drive attached and it just backing things up during times of light usage. I know I could accomplish this with a NAS or manually with a 2nd machine, but I’d like to avoid purchasing a NAS and I sometimes take way too long between backups.


Possibility to use an internal drive without having to reformat it. Obviously, this if the drive is already formatted in a format known by Roon OS.

There is no chance of this happening. The format of the internal drive buys us a ton of predictability in the system. I wish I could do this for USB drives, but obviously, that’s not going to be possible.

Remember, a big goal of ROCK is to reduce support burden. We wouldn’t give out ROCK for free if it increased our support burden.

I’m dealing with an issue on another thread right now, and that person is having networking issues and thinks the issue is related to 1.8 builds and servers being slow. NUC + Win10 is slow/has errors, but it turns out he also has NUC + ROCK is not having any issues. Same everything else (the user claims).

Before ROCK, we had to deal with an unreasonable amount of people trying to do goofy things like run Windows Server or install Linux when they had no business fiddling with Linux. ROCK has eliminated most of that.

Ok, I understand. It makes technical and business sense.

Rock is excellent, its the reason I’m here. Thank you! Stats for geeks :wink:

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