What's coming in Roon OS 2.0 (not Roon 2.0, but Roon OS 2.0)?

UEFI support is probably the most important change/update for myself


An auxiliary input function supporting end point analog ingest or core ingest would be great. I.e. via USB interface, RPI/RPI hat, etc, core I/O, etc.

This would be especially helpful for analog sources (Test Equipment, turntables, etc) and/or running test tones natively in to the Roon environment for active setup speaker measurements (using Roon convolution or similar).

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Hello, I just wanted to check, is Rock OS 2.0 still expected this year? or is it likely to be in 2022 now?


The ability to power down gracefully when a connected UPS detects a power interruption, thereby potentially avoiding any database corruption?


Hi Punky Roon do not give timelines at all so they never said it would be delivered in 2021. Danny was very clear that it would be ready when it is ready. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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Ah, well this seemed to state it was expected this year unless I’m missing something?

Either way I’m ok with it, but it would be good to know if that’s still the plan as I’m currently stuck without any ROCK due to my NUC7 dying and the NUC11 not being compatible currently, and not being able to easily obtain legacy NUC boards.

If Rock 2.0 is due soon I can look for a NUC11, otherwise I might need to start trawling eBay.

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It’s worth the trawl, I found a 5i5RYH with 16Gb for £90! Works a treat!


Punky I stand corrected, but sure I remember a later post where Danny refused to commit to a timeline.

Some other sanctioned services please…like Apple Music, Deezer?

Unfortunately that is a function of Roon, not ROCK so it isn’t something. 2.0 could address.

Thanks. So then what are potential sanctioned services?

Simple answer I don’t know, and Roon are not inclined to say either way. Streaming services need to want to integrate with Roon. Tidal wanted to and it happened. Qobuz eventually wanted to also. So the best strategy is to contact your favoured candidate and ask them.

You can add your request for Apple Music here:


Done. Thanks.

Thanks for the link, let’s see if we can get up to 100,000,000 requests.


The year 2021 is almost over, but these is still no RoonOS 2.0.
There is only a view days left to hold on the promise of releasing it.

This leads to my humble question: when can we expect RoonOS 2.0?

Could I ask that Roon OS is left alone at its current version & provided functionality. At present it works and is stable.
Just lately any release or update from Roon seems to have issues, and maintaining a working system is more important than extra features or functionality.

That’s not helpful for anyone that wants to buy a new Nuc as they don’t work at all with the latest generation due to RoonOS only working with legacy boot mode.

Maybe it can roll out only to new UEFI boot devices first and have a separate Option to upgrade current user’s (or not) as and when they want to.

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Or extra features and functionality are more important, depends on one’s point of view.

A working system, please.