Whats the purpose of the "1 Performance" icon?


Why is there sometimes a single song marked as “1 Performance”? This icon makes sense if I have more than one version in my collection, but not with a single unique song. And then why only some songs… shouldn’t the “1 performance” either on ALL songs or on none (as long there is just one version of it)?

Or did I misunderstood what this is for?

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Does it mean one other?

The reason for the icon is so that metadata that is specified only for that song, can be pulled up from that icon. Also, extra metadata (including time periods, dates, style types, and a review/critic review description) can be found under this icon. Usually, the songs that contain this are of the classical genre, or of a famous accord, to enlighten the user with more knowledge and experience. Usually most of the time that information is just the time period or style of the song so when you tap on it you will notice nothing there but if you look at the top it may say “contemporary,” “modern, “medieval,” etc.

To summarize what I just said, you may find some interesting metadata on top when the icon is clicked, or just one piece of metadata on top (which isn’t that interesting). The icon could be meaningless for most songs, and extremely important for some.

I’m sorry I cannot post any picture examples I have, since Roon recently stopped working on my computer.

As I understand it, the icon only there when Roon recognizes a track in your library as being a performance of a composition known to Roon. When you click on it, you get details of the composition.

The useful part, besides being able to jump to composition information quickly, is knowing that Roon has knowledge about the composition so that you can merge other, not recognized, tracks into the same composition.

Thanks for all your answrs, but I still dont understand it.

My screenshot is from an Aerosmith album. So Roon knows one Aerosmith song, but not the other songs from the same album, is that what you mean? What sense does this make?

I thought this is done to let me know that I have different versions of the same tune in my collection. Let’s say as an example, I have another artist in my collection who covered that Aerosmith song - in that case it would make sense to show me a “2 Performances” icon, as I have two different performances of the same song.

But what use is a “1 Performance” icon and why does Roon only “knows” some Aerosmith songs and not the full album?

It means that there is at least one piece of information about that composition, however small. We are providing a link to the composition so that you can easily get to it.

In general, Classical compositions have richer information; sometimes compositions in non-classical genres also get information.

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Thanks. So it has nothing to do with the number of versions of the same song I have in my collection, its just if Roon has some extra data about?

I would prefer to have an icon which tells me that there a multiple versions of a song… no matter if Roon has some data or not.

The same icon does that if the number is 2 or higher. Your question related to the “1 performance icon”. Normally, we wouldn’t show the icon with 1; we only show it if there is more info (even if that info is minimal).


Got it, thanks.