What's the recommended setting for DSD to PCM filter?

Currently having PS Audio DirectStream DAC with Bridge II. Would like to under what’s everyone setting for DSD to PCM filter setting? This setting will be use in the situation when I try to play anything beyond DSD 64 to my Bridge II

You need to Open Settings in Roon for the PS Audio DAC (gear wheels to right of Zone Name on the Audio setup screen).

You want the playback strategy set to DSD over PCM (DoP). Disable the max DSD sample rate (i.e. no maximum).

I’m using following default settings

Was just reading the Roon Knowledge Base and found the final answer to all your DSD questions there. They discuss DSD setup in good detail.


I’m currently having PS Audio + Bridge II. Default support is up to DSD 64. But when I’m using content that’s DSD 128 and beyond. I understand that Roon will resample it to PCM at the nearest support frequency.

Was wondering what’s everyone high pass filter setting as I remember that DirectStream DAC has it’s own passive low-pass filter that is high bandwidth at the analog stage.

Have anyone tried out the different settings?