What's the sonic signature of the Lyngdorf 1120?

hi there

About to press the trigger on the lyngdorf 1120 wanted to see any owners can advice on how it sounds… I currently have a Marantz ki ruby for my integrated - gives neutral but lush output… Speakers are ae520 which have a 90db sensitivity.

How does it sound as read in some forum that the 1120 can sound thin.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

My thought is that you should listen to it before you drop 2K on something, or if possible buy somewhere where you can return it

I agree Suedkiez. I did listen to it briefly when i went to the Bristol Hifi Show. Didnt hear anything that I disliked. But wanted to get some views before I get a home audition or even pick up a used one (sell it back if I dont like it).

I see. Hifi shows are not the greatest place to listen though, and views by other people don’t tell you how you like it with your speakers. Speaker sensitivity is only a small part of the equation and dynamic impedance at least as important, and then there’s the difficult-to-define synergy between the amp, your speakers, ears, and room. I don’t know about the UK but in Germany one has a 14 day return right for every online purchase. Used is another option with small risk, just sell it on if you don’t like it and you will probably lose little if anything