What's up Roon? I posted about an error

…and you closed/deleted it. What’s up? Apologies if I don’t know where trouble tickets should go, but the only way I have to communicate with you is this bulletin board. I checked the update again, and the it still fails. Are you aware of this? I don’t believe my question is out of line. Cheers - looking forward to a response.

@support 10/char

Hi Neil,

I’m a community moderator on here (not Roon staff) and have just checked your posting activity and there are no deleted posts showing against your account. Though I can see one that was moved into an existing topic on this subject.

Here are links to your last two posts … in that consolidated topic:

Roon @support staff have been notified of this topic and will be along soon to comment.

@Neil_Small DietPi/Allo units not getting the RoonBridge B167 update from B164


you generally get a notification in your posting list when a mod moves a post.

@Neil_Small also note that while the forum is frequented by many helpful volunteers with some good suggestions for things to try 24x7, Roon staffers are not always here 24x7 and on a weekend things might take a little longer to be picked up on. Tagging support as per the how to get support information is also a good idea. This link is available under Community in the Roon settings

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