What's with the badges?

The profile badges are no doubt a fun way to gamify forum participation and reward and incentivise desired behaviours, but the awarding of badges seems to be a bit hit-and-miss. Some seem to show up immediately they have been earned whereas others don’t seem to be granted at all.

For instance I started a thread here which has generated some fairly heated debate and (if I’m reading it correctly) 234 topic likes at time of writing, yet has not even garnered a Nice Topic badge, much less a Great Topic. Digging a bit, I found several other examples of threads with lots of likes that hadn’t been badged.

Anybody have any insights here? Am I missing something, or are there just some bugs in the system?

Was it a nice topic though? I thought it was awful! :joy:

As of my understanding, the thread (starting) post’s likes are counted for the topic badges. The start posting from your example thread got exactly zero likes and thus you earned no badge. Compare also with the list of “Great Topic” badges granted.

Haha, although I’ve seen similar discussions go completely off track on other boards I was still surprised by the strength of feeling and the judgmental/divisive tone of many of the responses. The question wasn’t intended to spark a heated debate (honestly!), just satisfy a bit of curiosity on my part. Clearly I am naïve…

Ah, thanks @BlackJack. I was going by the figure in the thread summary, which is presumably then the sum of all the likes in the thread. Thanks for putting me straight.

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Haha, spot on!

@struts don’t hate on Roon, they use discourse forum software, and badges are set by their criteria.

Haha, I love Roon, and love the positive engagement they have with their customers through this forum. I feel absolutely no hate towards Roon or the forum so if anything I said came across that way I can only offer a (slightly baffled) denial along with my apologies.

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A badge plus $5.00 will get you a coffee at Starbucks.

Mike’s only nervous about badge criticism because he has so many :slight_smile::wink:

:rofl: so people do pay attention to that stuff after all.

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I see no signs of boasting going on…

Wow. I think I have badge envy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No one keeps track :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Congratulations! I’m at #36. If this is a competition, I need to rethink my strategy :rofl:

I carefully didn’t post weekly or monthly where I’m way down the list.

sobs hot tears of jealous rage

Just concentrate on that
“And in the end
The love you take
Is equal to the love you make”

You need to knobble his fan club and discourage posting into the fun thread

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Reviving this thread…

I just earned a badge in error. I had a typo that got me one, and then I edited the post to fix the typo. :nerd_face:. My bad.