When I use Roon 1.8 to play some local music files, the progress bar do not go and can't play next track

I had ripped many of my own CDs using EAC, each track save to a FLAC file.

When I using Roon 1.8 to play these CDs, some of them had sth wrong, the progress did not go when playing, so can’t play the next track too.

I using DLNA client to play them from a media server or using foobar to play them directly, nothing wrong happened.

I play other local music files and TIDAL streaming, also ok.

You might try just transcoding them from their existing files to another FLAC or AIFF file.
If the header portion of the file isn’t understandable by Roon, it won’t play. Transcoding will rewrite the headers and often will allow the CD to be read correctly again.

No, first of all, I rip the CD with EAC, outputs are FLAC files (one for a track). Roon did play with no error, but the progress bar not moves, so can’t play the next track when the last track finished.