When one dac has two outputs

SO I have dac/pre/headphone.
So I want NO dsp when Roon is going to headphones, but dsp when Roon going pre out to speakers. So i would like to set up two labless mydacA then mydacB (which has dsp associated with it ), which i select depending on the status of the dacprehead unit. Can I do this or is this “feature request”?

Thanks folks

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It’s a feature request:

You want effectively two different zones assigned to the same endpoint.

Roon supports DSP Presets for such use cases.

Have you tried defining two separate endpoints for the same pre-amp, but with a different combination of inputs/outputs/DSP-settings for each (virtual) endpoint? That’s pretty much what I do (with the additional controls of a Logitech hub-based Harmony remote and the Deep Harmony extension).

Hi thanks for that - I wasn’t exactly sure what the correct terms were
Helpful Cheers

That seems a good compromise, enabling us to push on until the new feature lands :wink:
There is some suggestion here that one can check the DSP Preset selected by checking the “signal path” is that correct it doesn’t seem to happen on my system. I can right click on device then check unders DSP which is OK. But I was just checking if I had missed something out?

Thanks for your time

Thanks Tom that seems worth a try. However, I don’t fully understand the suggestion, can you point me to a resources where the process is described - I don’t wish to take any more of your time. Cheers

You can check the presence/absence of the DSP operation(s) in the signal path.

If “suggestion here” means “Feature Request” then it is just that – nothing to see until it becomes a Feature.

I am not aware of a resource where that process is described.

The limitation comes when there is only one output from Roon. This will be most of the time.
If your output to one other device is a specific USB driver, Roon will only report that driver as the zone. If you have two USB outputs and each USB output has a separate driver, and the endpoint (DAC/Pre) had two inputs you could do that.
But most people are going to have one connection between their core and the endpoint, so you will only get to set up one Zone.

agreed - thanks for that

Cheers all there enough there to get be thru and underways - big thanks to you all - Best James