When will Matrix Audio be official roon ready

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i am just wondering why the Matrix element devices have “roon ready” shown on there advertising pictures on their website but are not according to the roon ready partner list? When is this finalized?



That is a question I would like to know the answer to as well

Me too. Ik ook. Ich auch. Moi aussi.

I read on Audio Science Review forum where Matrix Audio commented that there are devices recently / right now undergoing Roon Ready certification.

MA on ASR https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/matrix-audio-element-i-usb-dac-streamer-review.10360/post-398897

Matrix passed all the technical tests over the past weeks, now the marketing guys from ROONlabs will start to finish the certificate this week.

Dated May 14th

BTW It is already a long time since new certified “ready” and “tested” devices have been announced. The only one, but not by Roon, that I’m aware of is the Lindemann Source.


Already present in Roon.

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