When will the annual subscription go up, and what will it be?

There is no plan to increase the price of the annual – we’d like to lower it in fact.

However, I’m curious… where would you go?


That’s a smug response from a company that currently doesn’t have competition. I lived without Roon before.


It could also be a genuine question from someone who wants to keep an eye on the competition, and is aware that he may have missed something.


Responses come off as smug to me: “That’s not what the last week of sales have told us. They tell us we should have raised it to $999.” I’m the customer and that’s my impression.

Try South Africa😒

My question is genuine. I may come off as smug, but it’s not my intention. See below for a list of “the competition” you claim we don’t have.

Exactly. I made an attempt here:

There are a ton of people who leave Roon every day. I’m very curious where they go and why. Why wouldn’t I be? @Geoff_Coupe has been around since the early days of Roon, when we were unknown – I’ve been asking these types of questions from the start.

I just have access to knowledge you don’t. I am not challenging that people feel wronged or cheated, only that “no one will pay such money”. Given the information and our goals (to REDUCE lifetime subscriptions), my comment directly addresses the fact that our goal would be better served by raising the price more, counter to the idea that “no one will pay such money ($699)”.

I’m actively trying to fix that impression by engaging you – smugness doesn’t help me at all. Any and all points of view help me. Most feedback gets bucketed into obvious things I already could have guessed or already know, but once in a while, I learn something new. That’s what I’m looking for.


I interpret this as transparency on the part of Roon management. This is both refreshing and rare in the case of businesses of any size.

Edit: see above for evidence of this.


A little Roon love here. My trail ends any day now and I would have opted for the lifetime but my wife “talked” me out of it. I dropped Apple Music and added Qobuz. Roon and Qobuz yearly will keep me happy for some time.

I still need to learn how to take advantage of Roon’s capabilities but I think the service offers an amazing capability. I want Roon to make money to support their continued improvement in the software.

The user manual or lack of is a weak point from a non-technical but the customer service folks have done a great job of replying to my community posts.

I do hope the annual remains the same price or is reduced however.

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In my case, the majority of my listening is from Qobuz - they even have most of the CDs I so tediously ripped years ago. I often find the search in Qobuz more productive than the search in Roon. So were Roon to get more expensive and still not deliver in the areas of search and organization then I would ask myself if it was really worth it. I would probably let my annual subscription lapse and see how I got on in the Qobuz only wilderness. JRiver would do me fine for my own rips. Who knows. But I’d much rather Roon fixed the things that are frustrating,


Ask your fellow users questions, as many as you like. I learn new things constantly about roon and music in general hanging out here.

I think you may be underestimating the role of price. For a few, those who are accustomed to the way iTunes, JRiver, Foobar etc organize their library, Roon’s way can be a significant adjustment. Coming from those lands, it took me a year to grasp Roon’s brilliant way of organizing. I was accustomed to folders and once I figured out I could use Roon’s tagging to essentially create folders, and do so much better, I became sold on Roon.

That aside, it’s difficult to see why most would not use Roon except for the price. For it’s only at the level of price that you have actual competition. I assumed your strategy was to eschew the masses and focus on the high spending audiophile crowd. Which may be wise. I have no grasp on how many people use paid 3rd party music software. Roon has 100K users, but I have no idea what paid 3rd party market share that represents.


Just checking that you seen the Roon User Guide.

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I’m not making a statement; I’m asking a question.

Also, your entire post is out of context. The context of my question was that they were willing to pay $119 for an annual, and if the price of the annual goes up (which I’m not saying it will), where would they go. Clearly the $119 did not stop them.

I think you missed that this is not the topic about lifetime price :slight_smile:

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It’s a good question actually. Where would you go? There’s currently nothing else comparable. It you couldn’t afford a price increase then you would do without. I get that concept.

Yes, my response was in context of the annual. You have an industry leading product, that’s beyond question. Your competitors only compete with you on the level of price, except for those who prefer the old school way of library management due to familiarity, or the mobile capabilities of the Tidal or Quboz apps. I’m not arguing your annual price is too high, but rather answering the “where would they go” statement by saying they would go back to whatever less expensive, or free software they were using before. Not necessarily because it’s better, but because it’s less expensive.

Those factors don’t play as much a role in well heeled audiophile circles, but in the mass market where low cost or free reigns, I don’t see how nearly anyone would not choose Roon except for price, annual or otherwise. Please don’t take that as a criticism of your pricing, it’s not intended that way.

Unfortunately you’ve stated the obvious. If they are leaving because of a price increase, they aren’t going to go to something MORE expensive :joy:

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You did ask “where would they go?” Not sure how else to ask an obvious question except with the obvious answer :rofl:

oh, there are lots of places to go…

I’m curious if there are others and the exact reasons why those (and other) alternatives would be contenders.

There is nothing comparable at this price with respect to features and quality.

In another thread I discussed multi year subscriptions. If you are going to maintain the annual subscription price or even lower prices, multi-year subscriptions would be a way to reward longer term subscribers with a better price, or with free term (extra months) of the subscription.

That is very subjective based on need and/or specific use cases.

Also, if the price hypothetically went up, that changes the calculation.

I know it sounds like I’m arguing to leave Roon, but I’m really trying to understand the reasoning of those who are in the market to leave. If you have a lifetime, I’m not concerned :slight_smile:

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