When will the annual subscription go up, and what will it be?

Since people are living longer, healthier, lives Roon has decided it is only fair to increase the price of the lifetime subscription.

What do the community think or even fear about the likelihood of an increase in the annual subscription? When will they stick it to us? How much will it be? Or will it go down like Qobuz?

March 14, 2020. $228


Everything goes up in the end, at least with inflation. Just a fact of life.
The race to the bottom leads nowhere I’m afraid… Music and music services are not free. People need wages and the most talented deserve to be paid properly.


500 posts weren’t enough?


Roon keeping the annual price at $119 is very generous, considering inflation. The inflation calculators show a cumulative 7.5-8.0 percent inflation figure since 2015. Roon should be charging $127 per month in light of those figures. A jump to $129 annual would not be unreasonable, just to keep pace with inflation.

Depends where you are measuring the inflation.

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True, I just measured it from the US, where the $119/$699 pricing is in effect. What is inflation in the UK over the same period?

It’s worth noting that Amazon has pushed the price of lossless streaming down. Quboz has followed, and Tidal remains a deer in the headlights. Roon benefits greatly from having no genuine competition, a bit like Whole Foods for many years. But once Costco, Kroger’s, Walmart, etc began to compete with Whole Foods, they had to lower prices.

I also wonder what would happen if Roon lowered it’s price to $5 per month? Could they expand their user base from 100K to a million with lower prices? I’m not a business expert, just wondering.


I am sure a lot of thought goes into the price that they charge, including modelling of pricing scenarios, cost of living increases, the price of competing products, “willingness to pay” etc. That is for them to decide. My decision as a customer is much easier - is it worth it or not. :slightly_smiling_face:

I suspect that, even at $5/month they won’t get “a million subscribers”. Like a lot of hifi/audio equipment, Roon is a niche product that not everyone wants or needs. So it would have to be priced accordingly.


Interesting. Increasing the price of Roon, when Roon causes many problems, is a headshot for the COMPANY. This will definitely result in the loss of customers. In this business model, Roon will break down. Because no one will pay such money for the promise of a better tomorrow and for patience.

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@danny just mentioned the possibilty of lowering the annual:


I can pay $ 2,000. I just ask for the reliability of the solution. if it’s reliable, I’ll pay. because I still feel like a beta-tester for my own money.

That’s not what the last week of sales have told us. They tell us we should have raised it to $999.

For sure we could hit those subscriber numbers, but we’d have to change the offering to reach a wider audience as well. Price is not the major barrier to entry here.

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I was considering lifetime but $499 was too much. $699 is out of the question. Please raise it to $999.

If the annual goes up, I’m out. There’s a data point, COO.


There is no plan to increase the price of the annual – we’d like to lower it in fact.

However, I’m curious… where would you go?


That’s a smug response from a company that currently doesn’t have competition. I lived without Roon before.


It could also be a genuine question from someone who wants to keep an eye on the competition, and is aware that he may have missed something.


Responses come off as smug to me: “That’s not what the last week of sales have told us. They tell us we should have raised it to $999.” I’m the customer and that’s my impression.

Try South Africa😒

My question is genuine. I may come off as smug, but it’s not my intention. See below for a list of “the competition” you claim we don’t have.

Exactly. I made an attempt here:

There are a ton of people who leave Roon every day. I’m very curious where they go and why. Why wouldn’t I be? @Geoff_Coupe has been around since the early days of Roon, when we were unknown – I’ve been asking these types of questions from the start.

I just have access to knowledge you don’t. I am not challenging that people feel wronged or cheated, only that “no one will pay such money”. Given the information and our goals (to REDUCE lifetime subscriptions), my comment directly addresses the fact that our goal would be better served by raising the price more, counter to the idea that “no one will pay such money ($699)”.

I’m actively trying to fix that impression by engaging you – smugness doesn’t help me at all. Any and all points of view help me. Most feedback gets bucketed into obvious things I already could have guessed or already know, but once in a while, I learn something new. That’s what I’m looking for.