When will the annual subscription go up, and what will it be?

Damn Microsoft, they collapse my arguing like a house of cards…
At least their increase is only 10%

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… for the current version not a lifetime.

Thanks Dan.
Yes Speed_Racer, Evand, it’s “my fault” that I didn’t buy into their lifetime pricing before they raised it 40% without notice. It’s certainly their right to do that. Pretty sure I never said it’s not their right. It’s my right to be peeved. Pretty sure that’s my right. Why on God’s green earth would I rush in to buy the lifetime now, after they jacked up the price? Your logic makes no sense. They are acting like a monopoly which they are not.

Haven’t tried Audirvana in a while, so giving it a shot now. $75, lifetime. And I bought it previously so free for me to use.
Will try out the current Pure again once they make it Catalina compatible. Nothing like an irrational argument to inspire one to look elsewhere.


Er, no. For the current version only. Version1 and 2 requires an upgrade to version 3. Likewise version 3 users will need to pay to use version 4 when it arrives. The version I have no longer works with MacOS.

It’s a nice music player but it ain’t Roon!

I had V3, and now at 3.5, so the upgrade was free. Understood about V4. But they’ve been on V3 for at least a couple of years, so infrequent upgrade fees…

Would you be interested in a contrasting point of view: after looking at several other options, why did I settle on Roon and immediately buy a lifetime?

Another fault is to discuss the pros and cons of the lifetime options — which has been done at nauseam elsewhere — in a thread that’s clearly about the future pricing of the annual subscription.

It’s simple risk versus reward and whether on not you can afford it. No one is getting bashed.

Audirvana is a great program. DMG Audio has some great EQ plug ins too. I tinker with this one.


No, they are acting like a company that doesn’t want to sell lifetime subscriptions but can’t yet completely cancel the option due to agreements with hardware partners.


This isn’t good at all it’s supposed to be a forum where you can speak your mind without getting confronted in reply for having your own point of view!. I feel you who are picking fault with Peter_Galvin 1 ain’t been fair to him at all. It’s not on in a so called civilised Audiophile community ?. Not nice to read at all. It seems to me if people have an alternative viewpoint to the majority then they get pin pointed for expressing it.

And by the way yes I agree with most of what he says, it’s up to him if he wanted Annual also likewise it’s up to people who take up a trial and decide not to commit to Roon. I think It would have been nice for Roon to at least provide long term subscribers like him a bit of advance warning, as a sort of thank you for the commitment he’s obviously shown to the product.


Simply put, people are also expressing themselves in response to those complaints.


Are you a Roon subscriber?

I was right with you until the “without getting confronted” part. No, you don’t get to saying anything you want without other people being able to respond. That response could be agreement or disagreement. If you can’t handle people disagreeing with you and stating why, don’t post.

If you would read the first post and subsequent posts by @danny, you will see why they did not offer advance warning. The bottom line is that Roon did not want a run on lifetime subscriptions so they did not give advance warning of the significant price increase.

Anyone that has read these forums and pays attention to what the Roon folks say would have known that the lifetime subscription was and is a limited time option that could go away at any time.

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The Forum guidelines do not prevent discussion or argument about ideas or opinions. Offensive posts which personally attack another poster can be flagged and moderated.

A discussion which has taken place elsewhere can be referenced rather than replayed. Remember that you can describe an argument as appearing illogical without needing to cast any aspersion of fault or blame on another poster.

How do you find it with a big library, mine is 150 k tracks

I find it sluggish even though it uses very little resource

Hi @Mike_O_Neill


I have no idea really. I only have around 1000 albums (CD, hi-res SACD/DVD-Audio), much of my listening is through Qobuz. 150K tracks is a bunch. How are they stored? Maybe storage via SSD would speed things up.

Maybe the System Optimizer features could help, or maybe only loading part of your collection. Wish I could be more specific and helpful, but my setup doesn’t have much load attached (2019 iMac i5 six-core).

I‘m using Bryston MPD tonite while doing a complete Roon library backup. MPD sounds great, but the software is a bit clunky.

While it’s all correct what you say, the main goal of each company is gaining more customers (growth). Those two different subscription models split up the target group of music lovers, some of them not interested in lifetime subscription and and some not interested in an annual subscription model.
So how is it conducive to cut down a significant part of your target group?
Roon reasoned it with financial considerations, that’s fine, but only one point of view. Business is more complex. It seems like the financial controller won in a business strategy meeting over the sales manager.

Well apparently it had the effect of driving a huge surge in lifetime licenses so it kind of did drive user adoption. Not the intended effect though!

I registered just to express frustration. I was going to buy a lifetime membership today thinking there might be a discount and then discovered the price had increased 40%. I’m not really plugged into the community or announcements. I may eventually be back but for now I’ll be using my own lo-fi methods of distributing/queuing audio.


Roon’s business model is predicated on annual subscriptions. It is the only way they feel they can maintain the infrastructure required to run the service, support, and management aspects of the business.

The main goal of any company is make money. You do need customers to make money. If you want to make more money you need more customers. But that growth has to be managed in a way that is sustainable. If a company sells a service with an underlying infrastructure instead of a product, fixed price lifetime sales are problematic. There is a reason you don’t see your cable or satellite companies offering up their products at fixed lifetime prices.

Roon wanted some cash so they offered a lifetime subscription at a great price for a while. The price they would need to charge to make that a sustainable model going forward would be so high that no one would buy it. It’s still a deal at the current price. They need to kill it altogether and I bet that will be real soon now.

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