Where are the Format options?

…using RoonServer on QNAP … the only Focus options seems to be Countries, Genre and Performer types? I can see no “format” option?? Am I missing something here?

Hi Alex,

You are in the Artist Browser. The focus options vary depending on the browser you are in. You want to go to the Album or Tracks browser to see format.

Cheers, Greg

Sounds like you’re looking at Artists. You’ll need to look at albums or tracks to focus on quality or format.

Jinx Mike, you owe me a Coke.

Cheers, Greg

We keep doing that :slight_smile:

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LOL guys…yeah Ok… I have now found it…

Ask yourselves why didn’t I intuitively just “find it” ? LOL

… could I be so bold as to suggest Format be also included in Artists?

In every other piece of software these days, Spotify, Tidal (direct), prev Apple itunes, Minimserver/Asset DLNA server, I spend and have spent my entire time searching and living in the Artist section…

Maybe it’s a generational thing?

Cokes on me? :yum:

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It would be nice to search the library without restrictions. An example would be to focus on typical album criteria AND focus on albums (or tracks) with English performers only.
I have manually tagged specific tracks in albums as chart “hit”. I would like to apply this track tag filter also in the Artists view.