Where can I download convolution headphone presets and how to install them?

I understand there are different convolution filters for all kinds of headphones. Where can I download these and how do I install them in to Roon?

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This thread has the details:

And if there’s an oratory set of filters available for your phone’s you can download a zipped set ready for Roon here


Good luck.

Thanks but I couldn’t for the life of me figure it out. I got as far as creating a zip directory and pointing to it within Roon but was not able to figure out how to apply any of the presets. They did not show up anywhere in Roon.

It’s all under the DSP section that’s available under the volume sub menu, between zone transfer and displays. I make the odd how to video for work and am considering one on this .

I think I figured it out. Now I guess the question is how do I know the presets for each headphone are really optimal for said headphone?

I’ve so far been studying the frequency response charts for various headphones I own and then just manually eq’ing down or up certain frequencies to taste where I think they’re lacking or need a bit of a boost.

So whether they’re optimal for you depends on your taste some. The AutoEQ filters tend to aim at a Harman target, you may prefer a different target…

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