Where can I find the codecs folder?

Hi, I have just installed rock on my NUC and need to add codecs. I have the file and unzipped it but if I go to the rock UI I can’t see / find the path to add the codecs. In the instructions it says data / codec but I only see this.

I’ve also reinstalled…
what am I missing?

Cheers, Tim

You need to go to the directory using a file explorer, not the web ui. Are you on PC or Mac?

I’m using a PC laptop.

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So try this,
In Windows Explorer, type \\ROCK\

I also added a link to the first reply.

It can’t find anything
oh, this is Edge, Looks like I’ll need to dwnload explorer

Windows file explorer is installed on all windows machines.

NOT internet explorer…or web browser.

… it’s not in the web gui, you need to mount rock as an smb share in order to find the folder.

Just noting that you should use Windows Explorer (the file browser), not Internet Explorer (the Web browser).

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Ok I think I’ve found it but my work computer won’t let me access it…going to try another computer. I’ll let you knw in a bit. Thanks chaps!


Problem solved! Got my Macbook and accessed codec file from there. All done. Issue is security on my work laptop.



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