Where do you come from and what do you do?

Completely off topic, hence the tag.

We all have music in common and we know nothing about each other unless your Bio has anything more than a username.

I’ll start

Hi, my name is Lewis and I live in Stoke-on-Trent, UK (where Robbie Williams comes from, I don’t know him). I’ve lived all over the UK and the middle east for a short time. My family is originally from Perthshire in Scotland. I miss Scotland.

I’m a HVAC engineer for the past 27 years. I love my job as I meet different folk each day and my brain is used on a technical basis each day, which I love.

I was a geek in my teens, but technology has moved on so quick I haven’t kept up with it much. I’m self-taught on Linux, computing and networking. Very basic knowledge.

Everyday is a learning day.

I like chocolate cake and cider, single malt whiskey.

I have a dog called Kacie, she’s 1 year old and a Cavapoo and annoying in the mornings at 04:30 wanting to go out.

Music choices - anything goes

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I like it too but where do you live?

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Now corrected. :+1:

@Geal_us_Dearg_a_suas good idea

I’ll try to be short, I can talk about myself till tomorrow even there is not much to say. I have some experience.

Living in Bucharest where my week gets splitted between being a painter and a teacher. I teach at the local art university, Photoshop, Painter, Final Cut and Maya. I love been a teacher, all the time with young people, but i also need’it as a life of painting studio only does not match my self distructive imature character. A little schedule does not kill. I enjoy 4h grade maths or science, and all the usual things for a father (I make the best mushroom creamy soup for one of my twins and the best spaghetti alla’olio aglio e peperoncino for the other one)