Where has the Songkick Concert information for an artist gone?

In earlier versions, details of upcoming concerts, pulled from Songkick were displayed for an Artist - where did this go?

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I just checked with Peter Gabriel. For me on this artist, It is on the artist overview page at the very bottom

Odd, just checked Peter Gabriel on my side and no Songkick concert information either. However, Songkick does appear for others, such as U2.

That is odd. Why would is show up for me and not you. I would suspect a “regional issue”, but, we are both in the US. I do get U2 concert info as well.

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I have no Songkick obtained information for Peter Gabriel, and I know he is coming to play in Dublin, as I have bought tickets.
It is listed on the SongKick web-site

So why doesn’t the integration with Roon work more effectively.

Plus there is so much room for improvement, in providing these against the Artisits within a user’s library and to take this feed into the Valence engine and use the Machine Learning tools to provide details about the Live performances of the Artists we listen to most. A useful and valuable service to a Roon user (who are clearly Music lovers) I believe.

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Not sure if it’s relevant but I got a notification from the Soundkick app about Peter Gabriel shows here in Canada less than an hour ago.
Maybe it takes some time for Roon to sync?

That may be it, I just checked again and Peter Gabriel’s tour dates are showing now for me.

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Nope, the UK/Irish dates were announced months ago and the dates listed in Songkick.
The Depeche Mode dates are listed
As with John Grant
As are some OMD dates in Spain.
So odd

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I don’t see the point of the Songkick info buried at the bottom of the artist page at all. By definition, concert dates for artists in my library are something I need to be alerted to, it can’t wait until I happen to browse to an artist AND scroll down to the bottom. Just because I don’t listen actively to an artist right now doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t want to see a concert.

So I need the SongKick app anyway. What would be neat would be either if Roon could sync the artists in my library to my SongKick account or if it showed me alerts on its own

Exactly what I am looking for.
Roon knows my musical tastes in terms of Artists, the Valence engine should be able to personalize the Songkick feed.

I have raised this as a Feature Request, but sadly it got no votes

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I would but am out of votes :frowning:

Yes, my plan was to use a Vote once some of the Feature Requests I had votes against are implemented.
However this list seems to have static for the last few years with nothing coming off.

I had some that I could move over to others, but they are now on suggestions that don’t have a workaround like the Songkick app. Anyway, they can only implement what they have the resources for, votes or not :slight_smile:

It would help to move Songkick further up though on the artist page so that one at least sees it when looking at the artist (it was further up in the past), that shouldn’t take a lot of resources :slight_smile:

Simon it’s showing up for me in the UK, seems a bit strange

Not on early access myself, but it took me two searches for Peter Gabriel with one for U2 in between to finally show upcoming concerts near me …

U2 showed upcoming concerts on first try …

There’s room for improvement, I guess.

Strange one

This is 1223 production.


Anyone know what the range of “near you” is? I wonder if running a vpn connected to a different country will influence the gigs being shown

I would guess so. I am in Berlin and get gigs in Berlin. There is no information in my account that I am in Berlin.