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This is a problem of trying to locate particular versions of the album Let It Be by the musical, The Beatles. When I look at this group’s discography, it shows two such titles; a “Super Deluxe” version and an alternate “Naked” version.

But when I look at the discography in Quobuz, it (rightly) shows me not 2, not 3, but 4 possibilities; the aforementioned Super Deluxe and Naked titles, a 2021 mix, and a Remastered version.

Any searching that I do or any search paths doesn’t come up showing me the other versions. I’m not sure if this is a metadata issue or something else, or if there’s some way I don;t know about to make them show.

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?


Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?


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See above.

The idea of the discography is to show distinct releases, if you select the super deluxe and select versions you should be able to see all the relevant versions?


Nope. Looks incomplete there. It shows 2 versions of 57 tracks from Quobuz, one Hi-Res, the other at Redbook, and there’s one version in my personal library. Then it shows two Quobuz versions of 12 tracks and they are both the 2021 mix.

Could one of the 12 track Qobuz versions not be the (2009) remastered version?

I agree with you from the point of view of it not being very clear in Ron which version on Qobuz one is looking at but i think they are all there.

if you had Tidal you’d also see the following:

The Tidal versions seem to have better explanations (in Roon) than the Qobuz ones.


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No, as I said, they both show as 2021 mix, just different resolutions. If I look on my phone, the Hi-Res version shows it was released 15 Oct. 2021, the Redbook doesn’t give a date. This is under the ‘Info’ tab, which I don;t see on my PC, which is a little puzzling in itself.

My admittedly less than stellar hearing tells me that the redbook Qobuz is in fact the 2009 remaster but the tracks are erroneously marked as (2021 mix).

This is my ripped CD also erroneously marked as 2021 remix.

This is the error I feel rather than any Qobuz album being “missing” from Roon.


@Sloop_John_B thanks for continuing the conversation. I find this a little interesting if nothing. The version in my library is an oddity; it’s a special 44.1/24-bit release on an Apple USB stick from the 2009 remasters. It comes up as 2021 mix also. If I edit the album and do a manual search to identify it, there’s just one “best fit”.

If I accept that album, it shows 16 editions, including 3 variations from 2009, the new digital download, but not my USB stick, and several vinyl (!?!) releases, and others, including all of the 2021 versions. So I’m guessing there’s something in here that maybe masks getting to the first remastered one as it lumps it with all the rest.

Ah, as I scroll through the versions in Identify Album, it shows three of the 2009 albums with 2021 for the tracks, and one with no other identifier.

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