Where is Roon remote for Windows?

I installed the Roon server last night. And installed Roon for windows.

The documentation suggests that there should be a windows build of roon remote:

(scroll to Roon Remote - mention of a windows ver.)

But on the download page it’s missing:

I’m pretty sure i’ve got everything setup optimally…

Server Installed, Roon (Complete windows application) install and during initial configuration I pointed it to the Server running. It refers to it using the computer name.

fyi, this then uses WASAPI for bit perfect streaming over ethernet to a Devialet 200.

Otherwise, Roon is VERY impressive. I’d like to see more of my rarer stuff’s metadata but I’m happy without how it handles stuff it isn’t sure of.

Roon.exe that you have installed is the remote. There is no separate version to use as a remote. When you install just point at the roonserver as you have already done. Don’t setup as a new core and the install is the remote.

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I see. Thank you, Nick. Very informative answer :slight_smile:

Don’t forget the app for iPad and other tablets too,

Is there any reason for this?

At times I miss browsing on the big screen, as a 10" tablet screen in your face is not always so nice.

Don’t really want the weight of full Roon on the endpoint PC, but a remote only installation would be nice. Also what about Windows based tablet users? (not that I am one).

Or can the fiull Roon be configured just to act as a remote (and endpoint?).

I expect I am missing the point here, but clarifications would be appreciated.

While I am on, I read a reference somewhere else on here to there being a setting to tell Roon Server to restart automatically after Windows restarts. Where can I find that setting?

This :slight_smile:

Roon can run a Core on Windows and OSX, but it’s very lightweight if your Core is running somewhere else (meaning, you choose to run as a remote when you start up). This is true even if you run an audio zone on that machine.

If you want the machine to always be available as an audio zone, you can install Roon + Roon Bridge, which means your Core will still have access to the attached audio devices, even when the interface is closed.

This setting is available by right-clicking our apps that run in the task bar (like Roon Bridge, or Roon Server). For the full Roon app, you can just add it to your startup folder.

Thank you, I will experiment tomorrow.

Step one done, Roon remote now running on PC, and it was as easy as you said, just selecting that option in the first setup screen. Thanks again.

I remembered this afternoon to try setting Roon Server to start when the PC restarts.

I added Roon Server to the task bar, then right clicked but nothing offered the option.

What am I missing?

So, when you right click on the running Roon Server icon in the Taskbar, you’re not seeing this:

This is the running Roon Server, not a shortcut for Roon Server that you’ve pinned to the Taskbar…

Aha, you nailed it, and I found it. Many thanks for your patience.

However, isn’t the icon I needed to right click in the system tray, not the taskbar …? :wink:

I tend to think of the System tray as the pop-up window, and the Taskbar as the visible area across the whole edge of the screen.

Strictly speaking, you’re right, the System tray overlays the Taskbar at the righthand end of the Taskbar (or at the bottom, if you have a vertical Taskbar) but I tend to drag icons from the pop-up window down to the Taskbar to make them visible at all times…