Where is Roon's Database Held?

I have installed ROCK on PVE, How to navigate to [Roon’s Database Location], and where is RoonServer folder.

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I’m not sure what you mean by a “PVE”, but this Help article states where the Database locations are held on a variety of operating systems, including ROCK:

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PVE stands for Proxmox Virtual Environment (similar to ESXi). I also installed ROCK on PVE and this works really well.

“I have installed ROCK on PVE, How to navigate to [Roon’s Database Location], and where is RoonServer folder.”

If you want full control then you should use a (basic) Linux install and install Roon Server on top of that. The only granted access in ROCK is to the “data” share where you can put your codecs files.

See also:

Edit: Ok, it looks like the Data share also gives you acces to some more files.

I mean, I can’t find the ”RoonServer“ folder. the pic shows the Proxmox Virtual Environment directory. where is the Roon ROCK install path. I need to rename RoonServer to RoonServer.old to solve the problem of artists info always displayed loading.

Go over Rocks SMB share it’s the only way. Just use it’s Ip address in Windows explorer you will see the data folder and the ROONserver folder is in there along with a share to music folder, and a few others. You cannot get to it any other way. ROCK is a closed operating system.

If it is, Can I rename directory “RoonServer” to “RoonServer.old” when ROCK is running? Because if I shut down ROCK on PVE, then I can’t connet ROCK via SMB.

Shut down ROONserver from the ROCK webUI. The shares are still active as they are made by RoonOS which is a separate partition in a ROCK install. It’s compartmentalised so RoonOS is independent to Too server and vice versa so one can be updated and not the other.

The picture shows the PVE (host) directories. Your ROCK install (vm/guest) is somewhere in there but you cannot access the files from there. Rock (by design) only lets you acces the files via the Data-share.

But what exactly is your problem? Why would you want to rename the Roonserver directory? To me that looks like you would like to start all over from scratch.