Where is the "heart" icon in my Roon playlists?

I’ve made several Roon playlists with songs from Qobuz and Tidal. There are no heart icons to favorite ANY of those songs, once they’re in a playlist.

Often, I’ll make a playlist of newly released music with the intention of “hearting” tracks I think are keepers. I can’t do that in Roon?

You can only heart tracks and albums that are in your library.

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Thanks for the quick response. But first off, adding to the library takes two clicks minimum (not including the “heart” part), which is an unfriendly interface feature when I just want to favorite a song. Also, I just added a song to my library from a playlist to see what would happen. Still no heart to click for that song in the playlist!

I have to leave the playlist, actually favorite the whole album on the album page, and then I can see the hearts for the songs. That’s just too much navigating and clicking for merely liking a single song in my playlist.

Maybe I just like that song, and don’t want to favorite the album. Qobuz, Tidal, and every other streaming service allow this. So it’s muscle memory behavior that Roon doesn’t have.

This is the opposite of what you want to test. You have to add the song to your library first, and then, to a playlist. The playlist is frozen to the version that was added, so, after you added the track from the playlist to your library, the link in the playlist itself still points to the non-library track.

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That is the opposite of how it should work. Like it works in every other player or streaming service I can think of, a listener should be able to “heart” a track from anywhere, including a playlist, then Roon should add it to the library. A listener shouldn’t need to navigate out of a playlist to see which tracks are favorites.

For a service that prides itself in its recommendation engine, Roon takes too many clicks to tell the service what a listener likes/dislikes, and makes it impossible from a playlist. Throughout the interface, there should be a (this is the important part you’re missing in these posts) ONE-CLICK method to tell the service that you like or dislike a song. Roon can choose whatever system they wish to implement: heart/no heart/don’t play again; thumbs-up/thumbs-down, whatever. We know Roon has the capability, because it’s already there in Roon Radio.

For people resistant to change, Roon could make the feature optional.