Where is the like/dislike button?

I can see the thumbs up/down buttons for the song to be played next in my queue … but how would I know? … I haven’t heard it yet.

How do I tell Roon my preferences for the music currently playing?

On a PC/Mac or Tablet, the “Now Playing” screen has the thumbs up/down for the currently playing track…

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If you let the current song play through Roon will assume you like it if you skip it it will assume the opposite.

This is a screenshot from my ipad. There are no approval disapproval buttons as are showing in your example above.
What am I missing here?

Hmmm….I tell a lie. Two tracks on the approval thingys appeared.
I’m guessing it’s because the first two tracks came from my library and then Roon radio kicked in and “new” music gives me the opportunity to judge it.
Thanks for the feedback.

Seem to recall it asks you why you skipped if you skip.
Lets you say whether you don’t like the track it does not fit or you don’t want to listen to it now.

And yes…you’re correct…thank you Andrew

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