Where is the link to storage / force rescan in 1.8?

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Devialet RAAT wired ethernet

Description Of Issue

Using the windows remote app on a laptop, In the new 1.8, under settings, I expect to see all the functions that were there before, specifically ‘Storage’ and ‘Force rescan’, as I regularly update my library. Now, under Settings, I only see the content of the General tab and no way of getting to the others (Storage, audio, etc)…
Update: on the Ipad, the options appear correctly. Just not on the windows app.

@Patrick_Van_Osta Can you post a picture, I see the following on my system from an iPad, I have no windows devices, if I select storage then I have the three dots against the storage location where I can force a rescan if necessary? Ah just saw your edit, posts crossed.

trying to upload the screenshot. On the left, the list of options does not change, while on the right I only see the default ‘General’.

Is this what you’re looking for?

Look at my screenshot on the left. None of the options which SHOULD show up on the vertical list when you click settings, show up on my laptop. For some reason, the list remains stuck on the main menu.

I think you will find a workaround in this tread…

Thanks but it appears rather the opposite. Lots of people posting with the same issue of settings not displaying down the left hand side and no solution so far.

Yes, an unworkable workaround. Its a pretty massive bug, so I am sure this will be fixed in no time.

Additional datapoint: it seems like it could be related to display size and the Roon UI’s (in)ability to resize correctly.
On my Desktop PC (with a 32-inch 4K monitor), the app displays everything correctly…

Please see this post: