Where is your Roon endpoint?

So where in the world is your Roon endpoint?

Mine is in Dublin, Ireland.

Rather stereotypically having a pint of stout rather untypically in the back garden pondering Roon Nation.



Hi everyone, I created a Google Map that you can add yourself to if you wish!

Roon User Map

Please feel free to add yourself if you like. I went through and added those who have already posted in the thread, but if you want to update anything please edit the map yourselves. :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that this is visible to anyone, so consider using a general location rather than your precise coordinates! :wink:

Oh, and I’m in Appleton, WI, USA!


Sweet Home Alabama, USA

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London, UK

Or London, England, should I say.

Paris, France

The District of Columbia.

Berlin, Germany

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Heart of Illinois, USA

Perth, Western Australia

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Dallas, Texas

Melbourne, Australia

Columbia, Maryland.

Syracuse, New York

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Victoria, BC, Canada

Minnetonka, Minnesota, 'Murica.

Oslo, Norway. But currently Sydney, Australia.

Sheffield, England.

Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Antwerp, Belgium

The Achterhoek (back corner) in the Netherlands.

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