Where should labels put their metadata?

I notice that for me Roon has the most trouble with releases from the small British label Dutton Vocalion. I am guessing that means that they are not providing their metadata somewhere. I am going to write them and ask them to submit their metadata to XXX. What is XXX? What is the place where labels should put their metadata so Roon can find it easily?

(The failure rate is not 100% but is high, even with good tagging)

My vote would be to use common tags, embedded in each track.

I wasn’t clear. I meant where (i.e, online data service) should labels put their metadata so that Roon is able to identify the release. The files are well tagged but not identified. Does that make sense? Or is my OCD showing :slight_smile:

Oh, sorry. I believe Roon uses AllMusic, among others.

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Not AllMusic. TiVo. (AllMusic uses TiVo metadata, as do we.)

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For the record, here is how allmusic advises artists to submit to TiVo


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