Where to buy Classical and Jazz CD (in Canada)

Are there any recommended online vendors for purchasing physical CD off classical music and to a lesser degree Jazz?

After struggling for many days with my music collection, in particular due to significant amount of purchased and downloaded music, I am really dismayed with owning just digital content. As much as I like commercial streaming sites, when it comes to less common items I have found that their sudden appearances and disappearances can be very annoying. Many times I’ve seen “You content is no longer available” messages.

Thus, I am very seriously considering purchasing CD again, especially where those are original CD releases to begin with…


Although I am located far away from Canada (but I lost my heart there whilst staying there picking tabacco when I was a student) the first place I would look at is Discogs.com
You can find old, original releases that you cannot find elsewhere. The only potential issue could be shipping cost.
And what about Amazon?

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I was able to find some on Amazon, for a good price, too. But when looking for specific classical recordings, there is a lot that isn’t present on Amazon. Yes, shipping international is a “killer”, costing more than the actual CD, not to mention the long wait.

I do miss the days (circa 1885 living in Köln, Germany) of going to the record vendors that specialized in classical, for example…

Berkshire Record Outlet (broinc.com) is a great source for low-price out of distribution and overstock CDs from numerous classical (and occasionally, jazz) labels. I’ve bought from them for many years.

Presto Classical has a lot of physical media (and downloads):

Ebay is also a great source of CDs, especially for used CDs.